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About Naibac

Naibac is a social directory of people looking to connect with others. We make it possible for you to meet new people (socially and professionally), get discovered online and we provide individuals and businesses with both free and affordable marketing opportunities via social media.

Naibac is a product of HexGEAR; an innovative IT company founded in 2002 and operating out of Lagos, Nigeria.

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We've received several inspiring testimonies from our members and clients.
These testimonies help to validate our efforts and reassures us that we're on the right track and making a difference.

Chioma Odogu

"I was looking for a Catering job and a friend referred me to Naibac so I registered and made a Request. Nylah's Catering saw my request and gave me an intern job. I'm grateful I got to know about Naibac."

Abuja Locs

"I would just like to say a big thank you to Naibac! Ever since I joined their website my client base has grown by 45%!"

Bilkisu Dauda

"Within minutes of posting an Advert on the Naibac platform about my Samosa & Spring Rolls Business I started getting calls from customers, Nice!"

Osaro Osula Art

"Naibac is developing very fast, service is superb, I've trended on Twitter on 3 occasions with their support, please keep up the good work!"

MBGON 2016

"We want to thank the Naibac Team so much for the extraordinary services rendered to us in the course of MBGON2016. It couldn't have had the much following it enjoyed without your services. It was really worthwhile working with you. Thank you so much, we are grateful!"


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