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How To Make Money Like The Banks Via Virtual Top Up (VTU), Data Vending & Decoder Subscriptions

How To Make Money Like The Banks Via Virtual Top Up (VTU), Data Vending & Decoder Subscriptions

For you to be online reading this means that you know what DATA is, you definitely know what VTU or Airtime is too. The probability of you buying the data you are presently using either from Bank, via airtime or from a vendor is very high.

The question is: Did you get any commission or discount from the purchase? You very likely did not get such. We are here to give you a fresh and detailed orientation on how you too can make money from vtu and data vending in Nigeria. You too can become a reseller or vendor of MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile airtime (vtu) and data. You can also market for GOtv, DStv and StarTimes

Why is VTU now the Vogue?

Perhaps you didnt wonder like I did. A long time ago people who couldnt get office jobs or full time campus admission got umbrellas so as to sell recharge cards along the streets. Some sell at the bus parks. some sell in front of their houses. Do you remember?

Recently, banks took over. They even code it in a way that with specific USSD codes you can buy airtime directly from your bank account. If there was no juice in the cup, financial institutions will definitely not want to take some large sips or gulps as the case may be... You network providers are not totally nice, they borrow you airtime then take off about 10% commission.

Millions of Nigerians need airtime and data daily. Some would rather go hungry than leave their phones not filled with airtime or data bundles. How many of them get commissions or discounts from the purchase?

When you buy airtime or data from your banks, they make some nice percentages. Aside from all the funny charges they grab from account holders, multiply an average of 4/5% commissions by millions of users. The figure would leave your mouth ajar.

Xpino Media Network believes that students and even workers need extra income to make ends meet. Why not start considering how to make some legit income for yourself!

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