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The Naibac Team
Sponsored Ads for N1,000 per Week

9:02pm, Tue 19th July, 2016

The Naibac Team

The Naibac Feed is the most active and most visited section of our Site, pulling in thousands of viewers on a daily basis. Sponsored Ads remain at the top of the feed at all times for all to see and engage with guaranteeing you maximum exposure for your Advert!

For the price of N1,000 you can sponsor your Advert for 1 Week, and for just N4,000 you can sponsor your Advert for 1 whole Month!

If you're interested in this opportunity then please get in touch with us via Twitter @naibacloud or send us an email: info[at] If you've got any questions then please drop a comment below and we'll respond as soon as possible.

You can learn more about our Sponsored Adverts by following the link below:

Want to learn about the other opportunities to Advertise with Naibac? Then follow the link below:

~The Naibac Team

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9:38pm, Tue 28th November, 2017



12:08pm, Wed 1st November, 2017

I sent you guys a mail from my company account. do respond.


10:43am, Thu 29th June, 2017

Would like to advertise and promote with you for my next song release. Is the price still the same and how does the process work.

email GdaLyrical[at]


6:55pm, Mon 26th June, 2017



6:54pm, Mon 26th June, 2017


Sixtus YBD Mowah

11:21am, Sun 4th June, 2017

Cool, interesting...


12:29am, Wed 24th May, 2017

Nice work naibac

Zoezet Couture

9:24am, Sat 20th May, 2017

Nice one


10:40am, Tue 28th February, 2017

How do i get started? Can I chose my target audience? What is the number of people to be reached?

The Naibac Team

12:21pm, Tue 28th February, 2017

Hello EdenCareLimited,
Please get in touch with us via email with all your queries:, thanks.
~The Naibac Team

Osaro Osula Art

6:38pm, Mon 13th February, 2017

This is one I haven't put to test, planning for it

Adenipebi Kunmi

9:21am, Tue 20th September, 2016

im interested , if i do the one month package , how may times per day will my tweets be tweeted and is each tweet linked to facebook posts ?

The Naibac Team

2:13pm, Tue 20th September, 2016

Hello Adenipebi Kunmi,
Welcome to Naibac and thanks for getting in touch. We just responded to your email. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
~The Naibac Team

Weevy Anthony

10:20am, Mon 5th September, 2016

How can i sponsor my ad, ive been tweeting @naibac cloud but no reply

The Naibac Team

10:34am, Mon 5th September, 2016

Hello Weevy Anthony,
We just saw your email and replied with all the information you need to get started. We await your response. Cheers!
~The Naibac Team

The Naibac Team

10:26am, Mon 5th September, 2016

Hello Weevy Anthony,
Please send us an email to so we can discuss. Thanks!
~The Naibac Team

Chinedu O Peters

5:54pm, Wed 31st August, 2016

Kindly let us know the rates for yearly and quarterly. Thanks

The Naibac Team

6:48pm, Wed 31st August, 2016

Hello Chinedu,

Weekly - N1,000
Monthly - N4,000
Quarterly (3 Months) - N11,400
Half Yearly (6 Months) - N21,600
Yearly - N40,800

For others that may be interested in this service and reading this sometime in the future, this price snapshot was taken on August 31st, 2016. Please always ask for our current rates because these rates are subject to change.

Best Regards,
~The Naibac Team

Chinedu O Peters

12:01pm, Thu 1st September, 2016

Okay that's cool. One more this limited to just one specific advert or can i include a couple and get the same number of posts?

The Naibac Team

12:57pm, Thu 1st September, 2016

You'll post a single Advert here on the Feed and we'll make that Advert a sponsored Advert so that it appears at the top of the Feed at all times.

You can promote as many things as you like in that single Advert post but it's probably best to just focus on 1 main thing else you stand the chance of overwhelming readers who may loose interest.

~The Naibac Team


7:54pm, Tue 16th August, 2016

How do I get involved?
I want to sponsor a post for a week for a start.

The Naibac Team

8:12pm, Tue 16th August, 2016

Please send an email to: expressing your interest and we'll respond with the requirements and our account info for you to make payment.
~The Naibac Team

The Naibac Team

10:11pm, Sat 23rd July, 2016

Dear All,
Please note that we can only allow a finite number of sponsored Ads on the Feed at the same time and so we'll attend to clients on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to reserve your 1 week or 1 month period in advance so that you don't miss out on the limited vacant slots.
Best Regards,
~The Naibac Team


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