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The Naibac Team
Naibac Open Blog - Express your Passion!

3:20am, Wed 4th November, 2015

The Naibac Team

Hello Naibacs! We just launched our Naibac Open Blogging Platform; now anyone can compose and publish an Article on our Blog and your Article will be exposed to the thousands of Visitors we get daily! You can Blog about anything interesting; your experiences in your industry, tips, tricks and inspirations for others to learn from, or jokes and humor. Our Open Blog is the perfect platform for you to Express your Passion for your Profession, Promote your Products and get recognized as an Expert in your Industry. And in the process you can earn Badges and Promo Points for your Naibac Profile.

How It Works
1.) To get started, make sure you're logged in then head on over to our Blog:
2.) Click on the "Add Blog" link with a Pencil icon
3.) Compose your Article, attach a relevant picture and Submit

After you Submit your Article you can always go back to Edit it from your Profile Page, under the "My Articles" section. Once you're confident that your Article is ready for publishing, you'll see the link to contact us for Review. Once your Article passes Review it will be Published for all to see!

If your Article gets published you'll earn the prestigeous Blogger Badge and for every successful Article published your Naibac Account will be credited with 20 FREE promo points!

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12:04pm, Fri 19th May, 2017

Maniac seems a good initiative.. we all will contribute greatly to it!


1:19am, Sat 5th November, 2016

Am glad to be a part of this great Naibac family

The Naibac Team

1:27am, Sat 5th November, 2016

We welcome you with open arms! :) We hope you enjoy your experience on our platform and we look forward to reading your contributions!
~The Naibac Team

Adanna Iroegbu

10:43pm, Fri 4th March, 2016

Hello Naibac, I wish to know how to invite someone to join your network! It's cool & nice; a lot of my friends & contacts will like to advertise their professions here. Guide line please! Thank yoy.

The Naibac Team

3:11am, Sat 5th March, 2016

Hello Adanna, thanks for the compliment! :) We don't have any official way for our members to send out invites at the moment (thanks for the idea though). And to be honest, a well-drafted message from you explaining how our platform has helped you will do much more to convince them than a message from us would ever do! :)

Arthur Johnson

5:53pm, Fri 4th March, 2016

This is so cool

The Naibac Team

9:23pm, Fri 4th March, 2016

Thanks Arthur! We're giving Bloggers a platform to reach more people and drive more traffic to their Blog, and the best part is that it's Free! Can we look forward to some great Articles from you? :)

Arthur Johnson

2:43am, Sat 5th March, 2016

Thanks so much. But what are the criteria and how fast do one's blog get published (because I already posted a blog yesterday but can't seem to find it on your platform?

The Naibac Team

3:06am, Sat 5th March, 2016

We get quite a lot of Article submissions and we have to scrutinise each one before publishing. Some end up getting rejected but I can officially say that yours has been approved and should be published sometime today (Saturday).


2:04pm, Wed 2nd March, 2016

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UBS Digital

2:26pm, Mon 22nd February, 2016

Quick question: what is the optimal length of a blog post for the open blog?

The Naibac Team

4:37pm, Mon 22nd February, 2016

Hello UBS Digital, please check out this Blog Article:

That's the kind of length we're looking for; not too short that it's a summary and not too long that it bores Readers. You can also drop more info about yourself/your Business at the end of the Article with contact info and a link to your Blog/Website for more info.

Please also note that we usually reject Articles that look like Adverts, all Adverts should be posted on the Feed.


9:06pm, Sun 31st January, 2016


The Naibac Team

4:31pm, Mon 22nd February, 2016

Thanks, should we be expecting some cool Articles from you guys? :)


9:21am, Wed 11th November, 2015

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The Naibac Team

10:00am, Thu 12th November, 2015

Hello Abidewithmi, are you registered on our site? This Advert would be better suited as a Message Posted on our Feed. That way, we'll promote it for you on Twitter for Free. You can also Publish an Article about Travel on our Open Blog. An opportunity for you to express your passion and establish yourself as an expert in the industry.
~The Naibac Team

A Loco Viva Voce

8:07am, Wed 4th November, 2015

Can we publish excerpts with a redirecting link as opposed to the entire article?

The Naibac Team

11:17am, Wed 4th November, 2015

Hello A Loco Viva Voce, you can post excerpts with redirection links here on the Feed but the Blog is only for full and if possible exclusive Articles because we will be rewarding Authors with Blogger Badges and 20 Free Promo Points per Published Article.
~The Naibac Team


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