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Beyond Profit
Food Diary and You

5:27pm, Tue 13th February, 2018

Beyond Profit

Food is met for man and not man for food. Little wonder how what we consume and its effect are subliminally taking the centre stage in our life. The terrifying scourge of terminal diseases is alarming. Diabetes, hypertension and cancer are now epidemic spanning across all ages, class and nations.

The food system is bedeviled with food fraudsters who leverage on the weaknesses and venal practices of regulators to advance their course at the expense of the consumers especially in less developed countries

Supplementary nutrition information which should be a safety lens targeted at high illiterate population or those with little knowledge of nutrition using basic and generally acceptable pictorial or colour presentation like traffic light signs to identifying wholesome foods has been decimated.
Shady and unhealthy practices are more prevalence in food business; for instance, undeclared allergen adulteration, satchet water production
Lack of food handler certification or HACCP training for all food contact personnels, porous food defense programme and the likes necessitate the need to deliberately keep track of what goes into your mouth and its effect to your body system.

Food diary is all about keeping track or being a bit sensitive to what goes into your system. This is imperative due to the infallible role food substances play in the entire human organism.

With the ever increasing ultra high processed foods making their ways to the shelf in keeping pace with the bustling and hustling urban cities, with little or no choice for suitable alternatives even for the immuno-compromised citizens, the vulnerables such as kids, pregnant women and the elderly signal the exigency in considering what is in our foods

Moreover the proliferation of GMO foods, unlicensed food vendors, peddlers, highway hawkers with no clue of food safety, demand the urge to be meticulous in safeguarding one's well being

Food Journal is extremely helpful in this regard and in many ways, besides losing weight;

Its identify which food may be causing intolerance, allergies or sensitivities

Helps in understanding the overall picture of your diet

Reveals and change your relationship about food

Epitomizes which food habit is working for you, e.g. Bloating, mood swing

Essential tool for elimination diet

Keeping a food log to identifying what foods are problematic to you as well as the emotional and environmental content in which you eat it entails connecting the dots.
Making these connections are key to having an effective food log;

What food did you eat

When was it eaten

Where was it

How often, - quantity, calories

Why did you eat it

How did you feel

Whatever format you choose to use, it should be compatible with your lifestyle while ensuring brand names are noted where necessary

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