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Green Platinum

11:18am, Tue 14th November, 2017

Green Platinum

Our Green Talent for today, Ambrose Blessing is an actress, singer and a model. She looked so excited as she walked into our Lagos office on her birthday which helps her remember how she started out in acting.

The University of Lagos Theatre Art undergraduate answer exclusive interview questions with Green Platinum’s Talent Advisor, Onwuka M. Onyeka. Enjoy!

GP: Let me begin by saying a special Happy Birthday to you.
BA: (smiles) Thank You.

GP: What does your B-Day mean to you?
BA: My birthday is a reminder of how I started my career and where I am now, looking back I see so many things have changed-I'm different, stronger, bolder and confident.

GP: Any wish?
BA: (smiles) Yes, of course, I wish myself long life and prosperity.

GP: Let’s talk about your acting career. What year did you start professionally and how did you get started?

BA: I started professionally in 2011. I was sixteen years old and a member of a drama group in Church when someone informed us of an upcoming teens audition. At first, I was reluctant and refused to go. About fifteen of my colleagues went to the audition and shared their audition story with me and that motivated me to go the next day. Eventually, I was among the four selected teens among four hundred and fifty entries. I played Tinuke in the popular Genesis production soap titled ‘So wrong, So wright’

GP: What are the major challenges of a rising actress?
BA: I think the major challenge for me and most upcoming actress is attending countless auditions without a feedback knowing your fate.

GP: What has been your driving force?
BA: It’s my passion o. It’s only my passion that has kept me thus far. I’m ready to go extra mile for my passion positively.

GP: Your both names are in English, are you British?
BA: (Laughs) My African name Tonna which means Praise God. I’m from Anambra State, Nigeria.

GP: Marriage or Career, which would you consider at the moment
BA: Career at the moment!! Yes because I have a promising future and I know I'm a shining star that the world is waiting for.

GP: If you were not an actress, you'd be?
BA: I would be a musical artist

GP: If we ask you to order lunch after this interview in an African kitchen, what African meal would you likely order?
BA: That will be Abacha which is also known as African salad.

GP: Finally, if you were to go on tour, which African country comes to mind?
BA: The African country I’d like to visit is Ghana, I have always loved to travel to Ghana.

GP: Thanks for chatting with us. Enjoy the rest of your day
BA: Thank you.

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