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Green Platinum
Price vs Quality

4:30pm, Mon 19th June, 2017

Green Platinum

Price vs Quality.

Price does not always mean quality. I struggled for years trying to figure if price means quality.

I have bought luxury items from some of the world's best producers, some serve its purpose while others didn't.

I have also bought very low priced items from regular shops/producers and still realize some serve its purpose while others don't.

My answer came in 2012 when I attended the Daystar Leadership Academy. We paid little for such a world class training with world class facilitators in a world class facility. Truly, price does not always mean quality.

This is the result, Ink Media and Green Platinum decided to offer an affordable world class trainings for Africa youths in a world class facility with world class facilitators across Africa.

This Saturday, we will be having the #TalentMasterClass June session for aspiring and fast rising actors. Our world class facilitators includes Dr. Tunji Azeez, Associate Prof. LASU Theatre Arts Dept and Age Anthony, Nollywood Actress/Producer.

For more details/registration, Kindly visit http://www.talentmasterclass.e...

Kindly share. Some of our participants are on your timeline.

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