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Long Tail Keywords To SuperCharge Your Website SEO

Long Tail Keywords To SuperCharge Your Website SEO

Long tail keywords are 3 and 4 keyword phrases which are very specific to your website. When a client uses a highly specific search phrase, they are looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy. In virtually every case, such very specific searches are far more likely to convert to sales than general generic searches that tend to be geared more toward the type of research that client typically does before making a buying decision.

Every business owners need to have a steady flow of new clients to grow their business online and although prospective buyers are always out there, attracting them to your website is very challenging. The potential clients for your business have many options, and it is easier than ever to research all of them online. Meaning that the best way to bring a client to your business is by being visible when the client is using search engines. Most of the home buyers rely on search engines like Google to find websites and properties listing a website in their areas.

Thankfully, the results they see are not a product of chance and you can make your website show up with them using search engine optimization. To learn how to effectively leverage long tail keywords, here is a four-step process for uncovering phrases that will help to drive traffic and conversions, thereby boosting your rankings.

In a competitive industry like real estate, you can be sure that other agents in your area are also using SEO to reach local clients. This means that to succeed, you need to create a unique strategy and make your business stand out.

Reasons to Use Long Tail Keywords To Boost Your Website

Most of the professionals in the arena of online marketing know it is clever to use long tail keywords that target potential customers who are "late" in the real estate buying cycle. In professional terms, what we are talking about here is the concept of targeting the so-called long tail keywords. Helping you to illustrate this phenomenon, let's take a look at the typical step-by-step buying path that a customer travels on the way to a making a purchase.

1. Clients become aware of a product.
2. Clients seek information about that product in preparation for a possible purchase.
3. Clients evaluate alternatives to the product (features, pricing, etc...).
4. Clients make their purchase decision.
5. Clients pull out their credit card and complete the transaction.
6. Clients then evaluate the product after buying it and decides if they want to keep or return it

To effectively leverage the long tail keywords, here is a 4 step process for uncovering phrases that will help to drive traffic and conversions, thereby boosting your real estate website rankings. The main keywords your business targets should be of medium to high competition, get up to 200 monthly searches (according to the Google Keyword Planner), including three or fewer words, and be targeted by at least one of your competitors. There are other tools apart from Google Keyword Planner you can use to help start your real estate company's main keywords. These keywords search engines include the Keyword Tool, Google Trends and Accuranker.

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