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Abbakin Has Been Selected By YouWin Connect Nigeria

Abbakin Has Been Selected By YouWin Connect Nigeria

Abbakin has being selected by YouWin Connect Nigeria, and this is a press release so feel free to share the love!

On October 24th, following the 2017 YouWiN! Connect Programme, the founder; Nwokedi Paul received a congratulatory email regarding his success in the first stage (evaluation process) of the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria: YouWiN! Connect Program 2017.

Here is a message from the YouWiN! Connect Program:

Dear Nwokedi Paul,

Following a rigorous evaluation process, your business application has been selected to advance to the second stage of the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWiN!) Connect Program.

During the second stage of the program, you are required to do the following:

Attend an Online training
You will be required to attend an online training that will further improve your basic business skills and prepare you to develop the detailed business plan. Training will commence within the coming weeks. We will send you an email with specific details of how to go about the online training.

Monitor Program Communication
In addition to the above, please monitor your registered email account and visit the YouWiN! Connect website and social media channels frequently for more information regarding the program. At all times the YouWiN! Connect Secretariat will contact you through your registered email and/or phone number.

Please accept our congratulations.

YouWiN! Connect Program.

Below is the downloadable list of successful candidates for the first stage of YouWin Connect 2017.

Lists of Successful Applicants for First Stage YouWiN Connect 2017:

To check it, click on the link that applies to our location to view.

YouWiN Connect South-West - Download

Read: How to Register for YouWiN Connect Program 2017:

These are posts about YouWin Connect Nigeria - online training criteria and Application process.

On the company's recent success, the Abbakin founder Nwokedi Paul said, "Being shortlisted for 2017 YouWin Connect Programme means that hard work pays and this has being one of my proudest moments in my four years at Abbakin. By gaining this momentous recognition, Abbakin will continue to set up different start-up businesses from scratch and helping numerous others to launch and grow."

About Abbakin

Abbakin Glova Solution Limited is a Nigerian modern tech company that is headquartered in Lagos, with RC 1290712. We specialize in business innovation and support services. Abbakin understands that you have needs to invest, grow and control your businesses seamlessly and be able to meet your set goals.

Our Mission is to inspire, connect and empower our people to become world class leaders who effortlessly do business across time zones.

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About the Founder

Paul Nwokedi is a talented young entrepreneur who initiated a project that led to in 2013. He is a trainer, a creative writer, a growth strategist, channel developer; and now, a Google certified digital marketing expert.

Connect with him on Facebook, LinkedIn and other online channels for more information.

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About the Author

Abbakin Glova

Business Developer

Lagos State, Nigeria



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