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Let's Not Complain About Nigeria, Let's Fix It

Lets Not Complain About Nigeria, Lets Fix It

Corruption is no news to Nigerians and leaders siphoning funds without doing much for the people isn't news either. Our issues as a nation and a continent can be considered as teething problems most developing nations face albeit peculiar to the African race. However, complaining about it doesn't do much.

It is said that if you want something done correctly, do it yourself. That is what I propose that we the youths of Nigeria do. It is a habit we must cultivate. Instead of complaining about the food insecurity, we should invest in Agriculture. Instead of complaining about corrupt leadership, we should ensure that our votes count and join forces to flush them out. Instead of complaining about the housing issue, we should invest in affordable houses (or form a nongovernmental initiative) to solve the housing problems (for example, airbnb) The government shouldn't be relied on for everything. We should do some things for ourselves. Instead of complaining about it let's fix it.

We the youths often doubt the power we wield and our potentials. We often allow ourselves to be influenced or debased by what those who came before us think of us and somehow we are quacking, walking like the proverbial ducks they said we are. We have allowed the popular narrative to relegate us to second class or even third class citizens, something we are really far from. Now, instead of complaining about what the world labeled us, let's take the first step by fixing it.

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Lagos State, Nigeria



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