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I know My Nigeria

I know My Nigeria

I know a country where children use animal bladder as an improvised football, cartoons are acted as drama in the back yard. I know of a country where all the parents took first position to motivate children to doing better. Nigerians are fighters, hope is far from being lost because they believe in themselves. Given up is the last word in their dictionary. I believe that the labours of our hero's past shall never be in vain, the diversity makes us stronger in difficult times. Yoruba's do the research, Hausa grows the food and Igbo's market and package.

I love my Nigeria. @amicable0093

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Lagos State, Nigeria



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1:21pm, Sun 8th October, 2017

Nice one, thanks for sharing. I'm also of the opinion that each tribe has their strengths and if we can only shun tribalism and tap into our strengths Nigeria would be better for it.


3:40pm, Sun 8th October, 2017



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