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Step Up And Move

Step Up And Move

A man's most loved donkey fell into a deep pit early hours of a faithful Tuesday. He tried everything within his capability to bring out the donkey but regardless of how hard he tried, his effort yielded no positive result. The best he could do was to bury the donkey in the pit and move on; but little did he know that it was a way of getting the donkey out of the pit.

The more soil he poured onto the donkey from above the pit, the donkey feels the heap on its body, shakes it off, and climbs higher. As the man continued in his effort to cover up the donkey by pouring more soil into the pit, the donkey keeps coming out. The more the heap of soil was poured, the higher it rose. By two hours later, the donkey was touching the surface of the earth and the man was glad that his donkey was out of the pit.

Dear reader, your life might be likened to that donkey in the above story that life has so battered and kept in a pit of hopeless and pains. It's as though there is no way out and you are almost been buried in life's storm and rising tides. The pit could be very deep, dreary and dark, and no rays of light for a bright future. Your everyday might have been coming up with dark moments of rejection and loneliness.

You must be determined to rise on those heaps trying to bury you up. You must step up on those weaknesses and find the strength to move on with life. Step up the storm and face the battle. The pains might be measurable to that of a woman in travails and her hour for deliverer is close. Dont give up yet, a little more push might bring out the baby. A little more determination could be capable of overcoming and bring you to victory Avenue. A little more patience could or might be what you need to get over the storm.

No matter how dark a tunnel might be there is always an end to that tunnel. No matter how life has oppressed and depressed you into frustration, never you give up. Give it a smile and move on. Quitters can never win and winners never give up until they win. The fierceness of a battle brings out the greatness in a warrior.

Generals are not born but made through experiences. The beauty of gold and its shiny nature is the effect of the fire it went through. The sweetness of a tea bag cannot actually come out until it passes some heat of hot water.

Move against that tide trying to pull you away from the path to greatness. On the path to greatness, there will always be troubles and storms because at the top only those with experience will remain there. The top isn't meant for feeble-minded people that have not fought against pains and frustrating times but rather for those with experience in the storm.

We must use the stones thrown at us by life to build up houses.

See you at the top!

Don't give up! But stay Up and Look Up!

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About the Author

Blessed Gideon


Abuja State, Nigeria



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1:20am, Tue 3rd October, 2017

This is a really nice write up
God bless you
I was inspired

Blessed Gideon

2:39pm, Tue 3rd October, 2017

Thank God you were inspired. do well to visit the site and get quality write ups


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