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11 Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

11 Benefits Of Walking Barefoot

Also known as "Earthing" or "Grounding" - walking barefoot offers so many benefits that are unknown to most people in the society today.

Here are 9 reasons why you should walk barefoot:

1. Prevention Of Blood Thickness

A study also suggested that the Earthing or barefoot walking optimizes the surface charge of the red blood cells, thus it prevents the blood thickness. If the viscosity of the blood is very high, you're more prone to develop any heart disease. So, walking is the appropriate option as compared to staying in the hospital due to any cardiac emergency.

2. Strengthens Muscles And Bones

As walking barefoot increases the venous return, it also makes our muscles and bones strengthen. It also improves the flexibility of your muscles; thus, you can also prevent your muscle to undergo the process of the muscle atrophy.

Not only your leg muscles strengthen; yet, it'll also boost the flexibility of your back muscles. The calcium of the bone is also improved and if you're walking in the presence of sunlight then it is also amplifying the vitamin D as well.

3. Increased Blood Supply

Due to leading the inactive lifestyle, the blood supply to the foot is compromised and it increases the chances of getting affected from the bunion, plantar fasciitis, and hammer toes, which affect badly on your mobility. So, walking without the shoes is the best way to keep you away from many conditions.

4. Correction Of Body Posture

Faulty posture is one of the leading causes of the disability at work like if you're sitting in a hunching posture, it'll produce the back pain for sure. If the normal alignment of your body disturbs with respect to the center of the gravity, it'll start a series of structural and functional problems.

5. Regulation Of Blood Pressure

Increased blood pressure leads to many life-threatening conditions, including stroke, arrhythmias, and kidney failure. So, you should try to keep your blood pressure normal.

Some studies supported the fact that when you walk with the barefoot, the nerve endings in your soles activates and reports straight to the fight & flight system (parasympathetic system); consequently, it reduces your elevated blood pressure. Well, reduce the risks of becoming the victim of any lethal condition by maintaining your blood pressure.

6. Strengthens The Immune System

Though you're away from the various infections due to your intact immune system but it should be strengthened as well to fight with the different microorganisms.

Surprisingly, the soles of the foot are supplied with the numerous sensory receptors and nerve endings, which send the positive vibes to our brain for making our immune system more powerful and prepared for attacking any foreign body. Hence, you should opt for the barefoot walk to raise the level of your immunity.

7. Reduces Stress

The first stage of the depression is highly related to taking the excessive stress. When you walk barefoot on the grass, it soothes and calms your mind. For relieving the stress, you should try to walk on the grass, with the fresh air and warm sunlight early in the morning.

When you implement this method, you'll feel more relaxed throughout the day and can focus on your work more properly. However, evening walks with barefoot can de-clutter your mind and make you more attentive towards your work.

8. Elimination Of Headache

Taking too much stress progresses towards a severe headache and this can become worse by the time. So, how can Earthing eliminate a headache? Well, besides with the stress-induced-headache, one of the major causes of suffering from a headache is that we're continuously exposed towards the different radiation around us, which eventually give rise to a headache, especially a migraine.

Since the barefoot walking is also related to the reduction in the free radicals in the body, it favors the headache elimination. Thus, it'll also keep you away from the uptake of unnecessary painkillers.

9. Eliminates Laziness

When the stress is relieved, your mind relaxed and it makes you more attentive and energetic while performing your daily activities either it is related to your office tasks or household chores. Thus, it'll lead towards the improvement in your performance and it'll open the doors of opportunity for stepping towards the absolute success. So, get rid of this laziness by walking with the barefoot on the grass.

10. Improved Eyesight

Fortunately, we're blessed with the eyes to get connected with the world's different color and happenings.

Though our eyesight can be boosted with the help of the variety of the minerals and vitamins contained in the food we can also improve it through activating the pressure points for our eyes, which are located in the first, second and third toes. And it can only happen when you walk without any slippers or socks on the floor.

11. Better Sleep

Due to the lack of sleep, we can't even pursue to day-to-day activities, which makes us lethargic and fatigued. Sleep is not only regulating our mood and energy; in fact, it also has the potential effect on our vital organs function. Barefoot walking stabilizes the circadian rhythm of our body by which, we have a better sleep at night.

A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine confirmed that the people who do the barefoot walking on a regular basis have a full sleep as compared to those who don't include this walking in their daily routine.

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