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Get me the phone from the bedroom! - A #Mediosa Story

Get me the phone from the bedroom! - A #Mediosa Story

In my dizziness, I could hear the love of my life scream at our house help.

Thoughts of how magnificent our Wedding was some months ago keeps flushing in my head - the beautiful smiling faces that graced the ceremony, the first dance with my Hubby - the wonderful couples entrance stunts we pulled out with the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen, the stunning smile on our faces when we exchanged vows to love and cherish one another till death do us part. To finally crown it all, the beautiful Honeymoon we had somewhere in the heart of Lagos; it was heart-warming.

All these memories keep flowing into my mind and all I could think of in my dizziness is why all of these be cut short because of the silly mistake I made. If only I had known.

With reckless abandon, my Husband hurriedly grabbed the phone from the house help to contact a medical expert at Mediosa to have me checked. By the way, I should have gone for medical checkup if only I had listened to my doctor friend.

Prior to this time, I've always been feeling dizzy and weak coupled with headache and constantly feeling hungry that I could finish a big bowl of Garri and a well prepared melon fresh soup. However, I thought it was a normal thing after the whole stress I've been through with my work, my side businesses, keeping the family and all of that. I rarely drink water too so I was wondering why I was always sweating.

During the weekends I and my friends usually have to catch up with everything we've missed. Adeola - my doctor friend had noticed how I was sweating profusely and eating everything I could lay my hands on. She asked me if I was feeling okay, I answered positive but not until I slumped into a chair beside me from feeling dizzy.

With her level of experience, in the medical field and some questions she asked me, she told me that I have hypoglycaemia or low sugar in my blood. I have never heard of that kind of illness before now. Still, I discarded the diagnosis and moved on with my usual activities. Adeola had advised that I should have myself checked at Mediosa - An online diagnostic centre. She had told me the company offers the best comprehensive and basic health checkup packages.

If only I had listened to my friend.

But here I am, a trained medical professional from Mediosa just took my blood samples, guess what, I have a low level of sugar in my blood which has been the cause of my constant headaches and dizziness. After the test was conducted, I received the result within 24 hours so I can go ahead with the treatment. The whole process (booking and collection of test samples) was done without me leaving my home.

Have yourself checked today. Don't wait till you finally fall sick before you check yourself. Everything has been made easy online, get the right information with their newsletters to help you stay secure and safe for your family, friends and loved ones.

Visit their website today at

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