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Pain That Coats

Pain That Coats

As the tears flow like rain
Tearing me as I am in pain
I feel I lost all without gain
Like my inner soul has been slain

As I sit in solitude
Pondering about my love and attitude
I feel I belong not to the multitude
Like a lost soul in an empty tube

Pain bring tears
Swings our emotions in sheers
Even when all friends say cheers
I can't seem to prevent the flow of the tears

Who will stay with this lost soul
Who needs just one person to be his own
I just want someone to say 'let me sow'
So I will reap yah love multiple bowl

A poem written by Olowu Babtunde

About the Author


Script Writer

Lagos State, Nigeria



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3:25am, Wed 16th August, 2017

Deep, and well written... nice one!


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