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Reasons Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur Under The Xpino Media Networks Business Program

Reasons Why You Should Become An Entrepreneur Under The Xpino Media Networks Business Program

As an entrepreneur under the Xpino Media Network's Business Programme, you get discounts from VTU airtime recharge on all GSM networks and pay less fee for data share and bulk SMS services.

* Airtime top up as low as NGN100 on all networks
* Get 2.5% discount on airtime Virtual Top Up.
* Bulk recharge to top up multiple phone numbers at the same time.
* Instant data top up for all networks

How the Setup works

Members pay minimum of NGN2,000 to fund their wallets on inception. NGN500 is deducted from this as setup fee while the rest is credited into your online wallet. The setup fee is a ONE-TIME PAYMENT. You will not be charged for setup anytime you are putting funds in your wallet.

Your dashboard is private. Privacy is key!

From your dashboard you can send/sell airtime of all networks and send data to all networks. You can also send bulk sms. Isnít that cool!

NOTE: This program favors both individuals and corporate organizations.

How Discount Works

When you sell/buy Airtel NGN100 airtime for instance, NGN97.50 (2.5% discount) will be deducted from your wallet/account. Same goes with other networks and denominations. Concerning data sales, (if you are joining us for business purposes) you are free to design your own data prices across all networks. Publicity is important! Advertising right leads to happy Marketing.

Our bank details:

GTB: 0241598068 (Precious Ikpoza)
FIRST BANK: 3018549691 (Betty Popoola)
SKYE: 3010324961 (Precious Ikpoza)
ACCESS: 0000694597 (Precious Ikpoza)
WEMA: 0233867368 (Precious Ikpoza)

Anytime you transfer to any of our accounts, just send us a message containing:

- Your registered number
- Your name
- Amount paid
- Bank paid into

Data Prices for Registered Entrepreneurs

Option A: Online / bank payment
MTN (SME Data works on all devices and lasts for 30 Ė 90 days)
▶ 500MB (SME) ➡ NGN325
▶ 1GB (SME) ➡ NGN575
▶ 2GB (SME) ➡ NGN1,150
▶ 5GB (SME) ➡ NGN2,950

▶ 500MB ➡ NGN370
▶ 1GB ➡ NGN680
▶ 2GB ➡ NGN1,360
▶ 3GB ➡ NGN2,030
▶ 4GB ➡ NGN2,700
▶ 5GB ➡ NGN3,350
▶ 10GB ➡ NGN6,600

▶ 1.5GB ➡NGN975
▶ 3.5GB ➡NGN1,935
▶ 7GB ➡NGN3,450

Glo Data Plans (3G/4G)
▶ 1.6GB ➡NGN950
▶ 3.75GB ➡NGN1,850
▶ 5GB ➡ NGN2,250
▶ 8GB ➡ NGN3,700
▶ 12GB ➡ NGN4,600
▶ 16GB ➡ NGN7,300
▶ 30GB ➡ NGN1,3600

To check your data balance
MTN >> *461 *6# or *461 *2#
Etisalat >> *229 *9#
AirTel >> *140#
GLO >> *127 *0#

Xpino Media Network does MTN airtime to cash conversion at 12% charge for airtime less than NGN5,000 and 10% charge for airtime greater than NGN5,000.

Entrepreneurs can also earn incomes from Gotv, DStv and StarTimes Subscriptions
We have reviewed the prices of our paytv subscriptions. Details are shown below:
GOtv Mobile Access: NGN680
GOtv: NGN1,300
GOtv Plus: NGN1,950
Gotv Lite Monthly: NGN500
Gotv Lite Quartely: NGN1,500
Gotv Lite Annualy: NGN3,250

NGN950 - Nova (26+ channels)
NGN1,350 - Basic (55+ channels)
NGN2,650 - Classic (68+ channels)
NGN3,850 - Unique (all channels)

NOVA - NGN950 (33+ channels)
SMART - NGN1,950 (85+ channels)
SUPER - NGN3,850 (all channels)

DStv Access: NGN1,950
DStv Family: NGN3,950
DStv Compact: NGN6,350
DStv Compact Plus: NGN9,950
Mobile Maxi: NGN880
Mobile Maxi Plus: NGN1,100
Premium Asia: NGN16,580
Premium: NGN14,750

The prices shown above are NGN50 less than what Paga, Banks and Interswitch are presently charging. Vendors are at liberty as to what extra they should charge their customers.

NB: Prevent your decoders from going inactive before next subscription to prevent the obnoxious 'Error 16'

You can make payments for subscription either through bank transfer or via wallets @

Affiliate Programme
We have an affiliate program that is aimed at encouraging our numerous members with ample referral bonuses. For every new member referred to join the team the referee gets 50% of the setup fee upon first wallet update. The referee will be required to give the new vendor some orientations.


Customer Care (Text/Calls): 09064851978, 08035952201, 08121614431
WhatsApp: 07058075235, 08063199218

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