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A construction supervisor from the 16th floor of a building was calling a worker on the ground floor. But because of the noise, the worker did not hear his Call.

To draw the attention of the worker, the supervisor threw a NGN500 note in-front of the worker. The worker picked up the note, kept it in his pocket and continued to work. Again to draw the attention of the worker, the supervisor threw NGN1000 note and the worker this time quickly picked it and kept it in his pocket.

Now the supervisor picked a small stone and threw it at the worker. The stone hit the worker. This time the worker looked up and the supervisor was now able to communicate with him.

Think for a second...

God wants to communicate with us, sometimes, we seem too busy with our personal jobs, then He gives us small gifts... and big gifts... We just keep them... We keep on enjoying the gifts without thanking Him. At most, we just say - "We are LUCKY", But when we are hit with a small stone which, we call PROBLEM(S), then we remember God.

That's when we look up to pray and communicate with Him.

God gives, gives and forgives while we get, get and forget. Let's change our attitude so stones won't be thrown at us. Please, don't wait for stones to be thrown before you know what to do. Always, always and always remember God. Make it a point to always say - "God I thank you''.

May God Bless Our Hustle. Amen.

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3:09am, Wed 16th August, 2017

Bobby2naiz is back again with yet another deep story and message. Nice one Sir!


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