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Don't Miss Out! Soft Skills Development in Kids @ The Palmer School, Ikorodu

Dont Miss Out! Soft Skills Development in Kids @ The Palmer School, Ikorodu

School does a great job teaching Sciences, Maths, Literacy, Writing etc. in preparing pupils to acquire certificates to find job.

In the times past, all that graduates needed to get job was good academic certificate. Alas, the situation is different today. It takes more than technical training or academic qualifications to succeed beyond the school.

It is in the light of these that various Governments in the western worlds and various stakeholders in educational sector are stopping at nothing to ensure the teaching of these skills right from the elementary classes. This may not be said of Nigerian Governments nor her Ivy League schools.

We at The Palmer School observes that it is not too early to intimate kids with skills in Leadership, Communication, Critical Thinking, ICT Savvies and Problem Solving skills etc.

For one straight month, we will equip kids across Ikorodu with these skills at a give-away price!

Avail your kids/wards today for our specially packaged 2017 "Soft Skills" Training Camp.

We can easily be reached for more info.

Hotlines: 08022278111, 08055222456

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