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How can Help my Business?

How can Help my Business?

Tips on how to Maximize the Naibac Platform to Promote your Business

We've been asked this question so many times that we've decided to write an entire Blog Post about it. We know that as a startup business, even with a great product or service it isn't easy getting recognized. The solution is Advertising but how can you spend money on Advertising when you haven't yet made any money? Not to worry, we've heard your cries for help and launched an Advertising service especially for you.

Free Advertising on Twitter
As a registered member of Naibac you're entitled to Free Advertising on our platform. Advertising with us is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Have you registered with us? If you have then Login, if not then please Register.
  2. After you login you'll land on your Profile Page. Just click on the Shout Out link.
  3. Enter a Tweet in the text box provided. Please Note that this is the tweet we'll use to Promote you. Make sure you add your Twitter Handle so you'll get notified when we Advertise you.
  4. If you want to test it out then click on the Promote Now! link on the page then check your Twitter.
  5. Another way to launch a promotion from within Twitter is by sending us a Tweet like "@naibacloud #PromoteMe".
We have over 1,500 registered users so to keep things fair each user is entitled to only 2 Promotions per Day. If you would like a more exclusive arrangement then please read on.

Paid Advertising on Twitter
Although we've got a Free Advertising Service, some customers feel the features are a bit too limiting to meet their Advertising needs, so we've come up with a solution. We've partnered with Influencers @LGTNigeria and @TrafficChiefNG to bring you Cheap Twitter Advertising! Users that want exclusive advertising pay a small fee of N50 per Tweet and get to advertise whatever they like (event, product, service, brand, music, special offer, etc) through our Influencer Network.

Customers that opt for this solution purchase Ad Points at N50 each (each point allows you send one tweet). Customers then create 10 unique tweets and we tweet them through our Influencer Network. Want to try before you buy? No problem, we'll give you 10 Free Tweets (worth N500) to test out our service. We're confident you'll be both impressed and satisfied! :) Need more info? Please check here:

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GCN Beatz

9:12am, Sun 31st August, 2014

Thnks so much..pls help me out with ma 1mic 1studio promo thnks


9:58am, Mon 16th June, 2014

how can i promote my music and business on twitter.

Naibac Requests

9:56pm, Mon 16th June, 2014

Very easy, just register on our site and choose a category. I'm guessing the best category for you is "Musician". Click the "Shout Out" link on your profile page and create your advertising tweet. This will be tweet we'll use to promote you on Twitter using our @naibacloud Twitter account.

Make sure you use the Tweet to promote your music and business.

Sadiq Sponsor

8:12pm, Sun 15th June, 2014

Naibac is awesome to people like us that wanna be promoted keep it up @Naibac

Naibac Requests

9:58pm, Mon 16th June, 2014

Thank you Sir! :) Please let us know if there's anything more we can do for you.


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