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Maturity by Tunde Olowu

A punchline whose definition differ from one extreme to the other, to some it is an act of being pious while to others it shows a certain level of Development - an alias of Adulthood. This topic leaves our heart with unanswered questions, do u think any human ever gets matured? How does today's society define maturity?

Unfortunately the term maturity is being misquoted in the world of today! The 21st century generation to be precise. This is a world where every young girl wants to be noticed and thus promote acts that ought to be abolished.

We are caught in a web! Who will save us from this distress? A society where maturity depends on the level of insanity, or what is to be said of "a girl" who wants it all and is ready to give it all to going to any extent, even selling her self or losing her piety to be called a matured lady!

Today you are matured when you attend parties, you are matured when you rupture your future, you are matured when you wear vogue dresses, you are matured when you have multiple partners, you are noticed to be matured when you lose yourself all in the name of pleasuring your lustrous desire.

We are lost! Wondering what could be one to alleviate this insect that has eaten deep into the fabric of the society, like a virus or a wild spread fire it has become ubiquitous. Personally I think it needs to start from the Genesis of us all - "The home". A stitch in time we know saves nine. Parents should be aware and curious of both the social and sexual lifestyle of her progeny. They should give apt attention and proper advice as this will end in tyranny if proper measure is not taken. To curb this invading virus all hand must be on deck.

The Social Media influences a lot of peoples idea and beliefs. Adults should take up the baton of being leaders and portray acts that will guide us right, because somewhere out there is someone looking up to you to lead them.

Let's come together to change this outrageous ideology, show the people a way to live in piety and change the societal meaning of Maturity.

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Lagos State, Nigeria



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