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Yes You Can! - Inspiration & Stories

Yes You Can! - Inspiration & Stories

Life is filled with several challenge and life troubles that are capable of frustrating one. Yet it is possible to scale through the storms by being optimistic and believing that everything is very possible. If others passed through that challenge and came out successful then you too can do it. That others have failed in that field of endeavor does not mean that you will also fail, all you have to do is to believe in yourself and depend totally on God for strength, wisdom and direction on how to succeed.

Yes you can achieve that height which you dream of. You can build that dream estate. Yes you can be the next Bill Gate's of your country. Yes you can own your own company and employ others. Never underestimate what you can do. Yes you can if only you believe in yourself and you are not lazy.

Wake up and say to yourself - I can make it no matter the storm!

About the Author

Blessed Gideon


Abuja State, Nigeria



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Blessed Gideon

7:29am, Wed 19th July, 2017

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