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Due Diligence In Real Estate Investment

Due Diligence In Real Estate Investment

Have you ever ran into anyone who invested in a piece of real estate, only to find out later that the property invested into is committed to the Government or belongs to someone else? Perhaps, you do not need to run into such person because you have your own personal story to tell. Whatever the case, you will agree with me that it is not a good experience.

More often than not, these situations are because such investor did not carry out Due Diligence before committing funds into the opportunity.

Regardless of fingers burnt in the past, Real Estate Investment remains the most enduring and value appreciating investment. All that is required, is a property and ownership verification exercise of the investment, at the relevant State Agencies or better still, securing the services of a competent Property Lawyer.

Until my next mail, keep your investment side up.

Warm Regards,
Victoria Nwosu
Legal Counsel
Mobile: +234 805 590 2875 (Calls & WhatApp)

Victoria Nwosu (Mrs.) is a trained and experienced Property Lawyer in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the Principal Partner at ADSLS Barristers & Solicitors, Director at Double Stripe Limited, ArkLine Properties Limited and serves as Company Secretary and Legal Adviser to a number of corporate organizations and high profile individuals in Nigeria. She is invested in children oriented charity projects.

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Victoria Nwosu

Legal Adviser

Lagos State, Nigeria



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2:25pm, Sun 16th July, 2017

Thank you for this. God bless


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