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Thinkers Tonic Africa. Volume 25

Thinkers Tonic Africa. Volume 25

Thinkers Tonic Africa. Vol 25

1. Listen to right music, if you want to feed yourself with the right words.

2. Those who have discovered themselves, will go for music that would define their standard.

3. You are on your way to become a sadist, if you underestimated the power of music.

4. Challenges are your Jericho, only the power of music and your faith could transform them to your stepping stones.

5. If you see no reason to dance, God will see no reason to make you dance.

6. If you love music, if I love music, together we could find the lyrics to complete our relationship.

7. Music is a spiritual food that could heal spiritual sickness, if Saul could ned David for it, then U ned to go for it.

8. If God could create people with ability to sing, then God knows that you need music to live.

9. If music really beat your body, you will really sweat your sickness away.

10. At times, a good song can inspired  you than a good book, that's why you need more of it to become more of yourself.

Be positive, share the quotes to inspire someone before he expires and turn to another devil's tool.

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The passion to give is the power to live.

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