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The Wounded Rooster

The Wounded Rooster

It was almost festive period in the land. Onara - a domestic town crier over-heard the elders saying that the great Masquerade is going to walk round the village square. The village square is located 26 meters away from the King's palace.

Onara's talking drum can only be understood by Animals. So Onara went on his usual info dissemination but at this time, he went along with the talking drum. In his message, he informed all sacrificial animals to stay far from their home of domicile, village square and the King's palace on that day of festivity.

Huraaaaaaaaa today is the long awaited day the Villagers have being waiting for because the great masquerade is going to dance at the Village square.

All domestic animals were not on site which was strange in the land because the village square and the King's palace is known to be the only major source of food for all live stocks/domestic animals in the community couple with their secret plans to use any animal found within for sacrificial activities, the tension became high. Some of the elders became worried as they started accusing themselves of sabotaging their plans.

All Animals were far away from their homes, though they were still hearing sounds of celebration from their hideout. Tempted was a hungry rooster who believed on his wings and ability to run faster and fly so high in the sky than any of the Villagers and their masquerade.

The rooster sneaked into the village square just to see things for himself and also feed his belly with some great food instead of staying in the forest and die of hunger.

Rooster in the Village Square

There was plenty of food to eat, the rooster started filling his belly with all kinds of food. He looked up in disbelief to what they were told concerning the masquerade. How am I sure the Drummer did not just cook-up that story just to keep us away from this great celebration? The rooster thought.

kpooooooowww was the sound of the gun the masquerade shot at the rooster. Those varieties of food were intentionally poured to attract all targeted animals. The rooster whose wing was targeted and broken could no longer fly so high to the sky as planned. The rooster cried '"yeah yeah yeah, oooo no!!! I shouldn't have come out''

The Villagers gathered him up and took him straight to the King's palace. The King ordered for the rooster to be tied-up and the rooster began to cry the more. Right in the waiting room the rooster had a flash-back of where all other animals were hiding safe and sound, but here he awaits death. He cried and cried and cried but all to no avail.

Two minutes to execution time, the rooster decided to use its last wisdom. The power of his beak. He struck severally but the rope tied on him was strong... but he kept trying.

.....last chance

Low and behold the giant rope tied to the rooster's legs began to slack bit by bit. The rooster kept hitting until the rope became completely slacked. He hurriedly shook his tail harder and the legs slipped off the giant rope. Immediately, the rooster sneaked out of the room and ran straight to the forest with broken wings to where the other animals have been.

Oooh, what have you done to yourself? Why putting your whole trust in your might that can vanish in a moment? The messenger had sounded this warning drum for over 2000 years ago, the Devil will only trick you with meat on a hook. When you failed to keep the Master's order, you can't escape being wounded.

The grace of God abounds but punishment for going against the ordinances is inevitable.

Youthful age is sweet but short and full of mistakes ooo you young man, do not play with your career by deceiving innocent ladies with your sweet mouth. It is common to see your unborn children in the eyes of a woman you've chosen to deceive but there are things you've not seen which are baby food, diaper, hospital bills and other basic amenities.

I urge you to wait patiently, just tarry through the night for your joy is in the morning. You may not go without a wound if you failed to listen.

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7:15am, Mon 18th September, 2017

Thanks, you just gave me reason to do more

Osaro Osula Art

12:18pm, Sun 17th September, 2017

Nice story friend


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