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10 Things About Guys That Girls Do Not Know About

10 Things About Guys That Girls Do Not Know About

We all know that the fantastic attribute of any human is to be "unpredictable". We should always be a step ahead of others and as guys, we should be three step ahead .

Ladies do think and fill themselves with fantasies that they know "everything" about the opposite sex. Is this true? Nah! There are few things that they [the ladies] do not know about guys, so I'm just gon' skim through...

1. Inability To Hide Feelings

Feelings are such a human emotion and can be controlled generally based on different individuals. But, generally speaking (about guys), Guys do not know how to hide their feelings and this, girls don't know fully. Some guys can be forming Mr. Rambo on the outside, whereas, they are just Romeo on the inside and they tend to change with time. This inability to hide feelings has proven to be one of the guys' weaknesses.

2. Gossip

#Ohemgee... Have you ever seen Guys gossip before? Guys do a whole lotta gossip but it's just that we do it with swaggs [you know what I mean?]. Guys with the right partner, can gist for Africa and do the gossip thing also especially about the opposite sex. Most guys appear to be quiet outside especially when alone, but when they're in packs [just try not to say a wrong word in front of them or else you are a goner]; and this fact, Ladies do not know about.

3. Respect For Fellow Guy [Paddi]

If there is anything great about being a guy, it is the fact that we respect our OWN. Under no circumstances, they'd never downgrade their fellow paddi especially in front of the opposite sex (if you have a friend that likes using you to "shine" when he is with ladies, DROP HIM) Girls should know that they can't control their guy when he is with is other Paddis .

4. Dislikes Boring Girls

[just shoot me] Who in this era loves a boring lifestyle, not to talk of being with a boring person and finally a boring partner? Guys don't like boring girls (not even a byte); I can say the same for the ladies so I won't be one-sided. Most girls don't know this truth, they'd expect the guys to do most of the talking ; I wish most girls knew this though. Guys (not all though) loves to groove and live an interesting life, and detest a very dry environment.

5. Guys Are Real Stalkers

I shouldn't be saying this, but I won't shy away from the truth, Guys are terrific stalkers as in Grade-One Stalkers. We stalk whoever pleases us, mostly the ones we are in love with and our crushes. Guys are popularly called "The Social Media Rat", you'd see us sneaking from one ladies' page to another, trying to detect if she's taken or not . 95% of guys do stalk and the remaining 5% is because they don't have a phone too! Stalking is weird and fun too.

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About the Author

Awolesi Gideon


Lagos State, Nigeria



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