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The Everyday Lagos Guide to Attending Owambes

The Everyday Lagos Guide to Attending Owambes

Yayy!! The weekend is here, and as Lagosians, most of us undoubtedly have one party or the other to attend. This is the Everyday Lagos guide on how to comport yourself at an Owambe, so you don't go there and embarrass yourself and your family. Some of these things should go without saying, but we're going to say them just in case.

Make sure your outfit is on point

If you bought the aso-ebi, make sure you gave it to your tailor like six months to the day because you know how Nigerian tailors like to disappoint. Sew the latest style and accessorize very well.

Be on time

We know it's not in your blood but just try to be two hours late instead of four hours late so that you won't go there and be complaining that there is no food

Don't take your whole compound there

If they invited just you and one guest, chances are that they prepared food accordingly. Most people prepare for excesses but don't be the one to chop all their money.

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Sixtus YBD Mowah

11:31am, Sun 4th June, 2017

Lol... #Owambe


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