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Refining the History of Lagos Through Face of Lagos Beauty Pageant

Refining the History of Lagos Through Face of Lagos Beauty Pageant

Who will become the first to polish the Face of Lagos crown? Face of Lagos beauty pageant showcasing most populous city.

"The primary aim of Face of Lagos Beauty Pageant is the re-orientation of the youth (sic) and the young community in Lagos using the embodiment of a lady as her ambassador"

Face of Lagos Beauty pageant is targeted at ladies between 18-25yrs, who are prepared to take their future in their hand, to be transformational leaders, be positively minded and involved in Public activities that can help sensitize millions of Lagosians and change their mindsets for good, also be more responsible, well coordinated, sensitive to environment and conditions, as well as a carrier for the torch of hope for the youth in Lagos and the country as a whole.

We hope to showcase the dress/fashion consciousness of Lagos (eko lo ni oge). To stand at all times for national interest, be a true Lagosian in the area of social justice, transparency, integrity, trust and freedom. To eschew every form of violence in Lagos - the winner of the Pageant will work closely with various organs of the state to address the pitfalls many Lagosians and young Nigerians face when migrating to Africa's largest city, while also promoting social events, health and other well-meaning programmes in the state. The latest reports estimate the size of Lagos' population at 21 million and organizers said many female youths turn to prostitution and premature marriages to support themselves.

Reel Production Global (the organizers) are currently soliciting organizations and individuals for sponsorship for the event.

Mobile: +234 802 412 9365, +234 802 393 6636
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