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Ladies Please Date A Man Who Can Afford Your Transport At Least

Ladies Please Date A Man Who Can Afford Your Transport At Least

So I got into the second row of a bus while the bus was waiting for two more passengers, a boy and a girl came in and sat beside me. Next thing, the boy asked the driver the cost of the fare, driver said N200. The boy turned to the girl who weighed not less than 65kg and said, "Sweedy, its not N150. Let me lap you."

Soon enough, 15kg of Sweedy was on my thighs and 50kg was on her boyfriend's own. The babe had balanced like a boss and was sipping coke from a straw with sunglasses wedged in her hair. She even had the guts to be chewing gum too. Only God knows where they were coming from.

I was very uncomfortable in the position they put me since it was a tight bus but I could not alight because buses heading to my direction were few. I was just hissing and hissing miserably because I didn't want to cause a scene.

The boy now asked her, "Sweedy are you okay?" She replied, "I can manage", They didn't even ask me how I am coping with 15kg of Sweedy. When the last passenger got in - a visibly angry man, he told the relationship people to adjust so he could sit comfortably. He said he couldn't understand why they were inconveniencing him who paid the complete fare. Boyfriend was like, "Chairman where I wan see space?" Then he turned to Me the mumu and said, "Can you shift?"

That was enough to send me through the roof. "Shift to where?" I asked. "Am I not carrying Sweedy too? Have I not tried for you people?" Then an agbero who was observing came by and asked them why they could not sell their coke and use the money for their transportation.

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Hbee Banu


Plateau State, Niger...




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10:52pm, Thu 4th May, 2017

Lol @ 15kg of Sweedy, pele!


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