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How to Make Extra Income in Real Estate in Nigeria

How to Make Extra Income in Real Estate in Nigeria

What if you find an opportunity to make extra income full time, work from home, weekends or part time AND ABSOLUTELY FREE?

These days, needs are piling up and most people can't meet their financial needs. Salaries are no longer sufficient for career professionals. Undergraduates / NYSC members can do with more income. For the unemployed, the story is worse.

All these can change today. Join me in a group of young people taking up opportunities of extra income, starting/building a company of our own, a new career and living our dreams in the real estate industry in Nigeria.

It is free registration, free training, free support in our WhatsApp group. You are never asked to buy or pay for anything. We simply provide life changing opportunities to the public and we are rewarded with cash paid straight into our bank account, gift items, free plots of land, free cars and all-expense paid trips abroad. Why don't you give it a try today? Judge for yourself after a while and exit if you don't see the opportunities.

How does this work?

1. In the group, we share information about the estates plots of land- price, location, size per plot, pictures, videos (in some cases) investment attractions etc. We also offer free training on product knowledge, processes and finding motivated buyers.

2. Your job is to share these information by face-to-face contacts with your network (family, friends, former classmates, neighbors etc) or posting the information on Social Media (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, BBM etc). You can step up by advertising on Naibac and other online and offline advert amplification platforms.

3. When prospective clients ask any questions, you may post the questions in the group and some of us already in business will guide you.

4. You would convince them to come for inspection. Mondays to Sundays. You and your client can visit the office for inspection directly. If you are not in Lagos, don't worry. Let's us know when your client is ready to inspect the estate plots. We will make the arrangements for you. If your client is not in Lagos, he or she can send their relatives or anyone they know in Lagos to inspect on their behalf.

5. When your clients buy the plots, 15% commission is paid directly to the bank account you provided
at registration. Your commission is paid by the real estate company.

Success Story of Mr. Mike.

Mike is a member of this WhatApp group. I met him just like I met most of you here. And just like most of you, he hasn't done this before. Who has? Nobody learnt it from the womb.

I can say this about Mike though - he is eager to succeed, he asked questions and takes action on the ideas shared here.

It wasn't long before he closed his 1st plot in March and earned ₦105k commission on that single transaction. Just last month in April, he closed 2 plots and will earn ₦210k for that. All these are for the ₦700k plots. Imagine if they were the ₦5m plots? Mike's commission would have been ₦750k and ₦1.5m on each transaction.

Now Mike is pushing me so he prints some flyers to distribute at his office, to set up his social media campaign and build his own team.

A secret to success in real estate investment is sharing the investment opportunities with more and more likely investors with the capability to invest. This increases your chances to meet motivated investors (those who are interested and have the finance to take action now) like individuals, corporate organizations, cooperative societies, committee of friends, schools, hospitals etc). That's all you need to do.

Simply comment here with your WhatApp number or call/WhatsApp me to join for FREE and I will be happy to process your FREE registration and add you to our WhatsApp group for more information. I will be happy to work you through the process of joining the opportunity which is absolutely FREE.

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Kind Regards,

Barrister Victoria Nwosu
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Victoria Nwosu

Legal Adviser

Lagos State, Nigeria



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