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How To Rank YouTube Videos Fast 2017

How To Rank YouTube Videos Fast 2017

This is a guide on how to rank YouTube videos. It's very easy to rank your videos on YouTube and google using the methods and tips in this article. You can rank your videos by following the steps below.

Why you need to take this tutorial seriously if you want to rank your video on YouTube, I uploaded a video to YouTube using the tips below and in less than 24 hours the video is ranking number on google with this keyword "How to Rank YouTube Video Fast 2017" the keyword has over 9.9 million google search results.

Step One

You need to create a quality and good video with much content to either educate and entertain your viewers.

Step Two

You need to get your keywords ready before uploading the videos, you add it to your video descriptions before uploading it to google.

Step Three

After uploading the video, add the detailed description about your video with keywords and also add a minimum of 10 keywords in your tag.

Step Four

Add custom thumbnail in your video it makes it more appealing and whenever google suggests your video in other people's channel it attracts them to watch.

Step Five

Make sure you watch the video to the end once you publish it to use the YouTube social media button to share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, GPlus etc.

Step Six
Embed the video on your blog or website, if you don't have any just create one at and add your video description and embed the video.

Step Seven

Embed the video to content distributions sites like with your tags and description.

Step Eight

Go to search for questions related to your keywords and answer it with a minimum of 4 paragraphs and add your videos to it.

Step Nine

Look for relevant forums in your niche and post the videos with few write-up.

Step Ten

Finally, keep promoting your videos anywhere possible and once any of your videos becomes popular or goes viral create updated version of the video and repeat this ten steps above.

Watch the video on how to rank YouTube video fast:

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