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Max Visits Review

Max Visits Review

Have you heard of Max Visits it's actually a site where you can purchase website traffic. They work directly with advertisers and publishers, they allow resellers, and they have an affiliate program. First, let's take a look at the service itself and what it offers.

Max Visits Offers

When you first visit their site, you're greeted with a proclaiming that they have provided their customers with over 1.6 billion visitors in total. The traffic that Max Visits uses, they claim, is 100% legitimate, targeted traffic. They have a broad network of sites they operate in various ways to send hits towards their advertisers. This traffic comes from:

According to their marketing - Max Visits has an algorithm that sorts incoming visitors based on the category of the site they visit, and sends traffic towards their clients based on those categories. It's like basic interest targeting, in broad industry terms.

Sincerely they are rated five star in almost every review I have read. I am about to do a trial because I find this really interesting. I will surely update this review with my experience in

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