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What A Wonderful Friend

What A Wonderful Friend



....sound coming from the door of the garden.

The beautiful flower quickly asked who was at the door since the gardener was not around.

The responding voice was so tiny and beautiful coming outside the fence which attracted the flower.

Come in if you can.

The butterfly flew up so high above the fence and perched on the flower.


What a creature; the flower imagined.
The butterfly looked so beautiful, soft, tender and smells good too.

Who are you? ..the the flower asked.
The beautiful butterfly shook her head in anticipation as she answered; I was that caterpillar back then in the garden of Eden when you were brought in as a little plant by the gardener. Caterpillar... with wings... how come? The flower asked in shock.


I chose to plead with the Lord of creation to grant me wings the moment I saw you growing in size and height so I could see you again says the butterfly.
So how did you know I was here? Of course you know I was sold out to another gardener. The flower asked anxiously?

Breathe in .....eewewewewewewew
I could sense your fragrance so I traced it. ----says the butterfly.

Ooooooh ........what a wonderful friend

!!!!!!!!!Are You there????????

Envy is a killer. It's only going to kill your dreams and that of the victim.

What have you done or what are you doing to make sure you keep that friendship/relationship of yours in a good state? How far have you tried to make things work even when it seems impossible? Name your sacrifices, does it worth it?

ooooooooh ....nooooooo

Why are you angry just because you are not like them when you have ample opportunities to be better even in your own ways? Why do you want to be someone else and not yourself? Why do you hate who you are that much, thereby creating envy against fellow? Envy is brother to failure you know?

"Desperation Leads to Depression which brings Destruction and Possibly Death"

If you won't accept who you are then the purpose of you being created is defeated and your world remains dark. If you cannot maintain friendship how then can your marriage survive the test of time? No wonder marriages of nowadays easily crash like a bag of beans, vanishes like PMS in an open bucket. No wonder leaders of tomorrow are now liars of today. No wonder why we are divided by ethnicity, religion and tribes.

Are you feeling guilty right now? Its normal. Do you really want to change your orientation towards life and upgrade with time in your own ways?

The sky becomes a stepping stone the moment we chose the right path to life. The future becomes so bright, even brighter than crystals and life become as beautiful as a Diamond when we choose to be happy. The gift of life is as free as air but the purpose of life or of living is a choice.

There is only one life to live - either to be Prudent or Decadent.

You either chose to be good or evil.

If you want to be great in life stop that comparison, it only brings hatred among peers. If you are angry at yourself just because your peers are getting better in their own ways, you become their enemy in the spiritual places. Therefore you can never succeed because your peers are always telling the Lord of creation not to allow their enemies to succeed.

oooooooh -yesssss, it hurts to be the least among brethren, if you feel depressed.

There is only one man that can maintain, retain and attend to all your needs.

You want to know him?


He is the LORD of creation.
If He could grant the needs of a caterpillar then He won't turn you down. Always look up to the Lord of creation, the destiny changer. It's just a matter of time.

You have some great qualities and potentials - no matter who you are - that someone may be admiring. Even the man/woman you admired could be admiring you too, so STOP hating and start heading to your great future.

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Sixtus YBD Mowah

10:14am, Wed 5th April, 2017

Bobby, you are welcome!


11:22pm, Tue 4th April, 2017

Thanks for the followup

Sixtus YBD Mowah

11:03pm, Mon 3rd April, 2017

Cool @ Bobby2naiz, well said...tumbs up!


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