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Face Of Offy-World

Face Of Offy-World

Are you Beautiful! Handsome! Smart! Intelligent! Innovative! Creative enough to be crowned an Ambassador for Offy-World kick out human trafficking???

Do you have the passion of giving back to the society?

Do you have the passion of fighting for the Youths and Teenagers??

Do you have the mind of saying no to prostitution ???

Do you have the mind of putting a stop to Child Molestation????

If your answers are yes to the questions mentioned above then Register to become the first ever face of Offy-World kick out Human Trafficking Online Photo Contest 2017.

Here's another opportunity to be an Ambassador for Change.

About the Contest

Face of OFFY-WORLD KICK OUT HUMAN TRAFFICKING Is An Online Photo Contest is a platform that empowers young ladies and young men to reach out to the society at large through different humanitarian projects such as standing as a role model to youths and teenagers who are being forced into drugs, sex and prostitution and stop girl child molestation.

Grand Prizes

~ Cash prize of 10,000
~ Recognition on top blogs and various social media
~ Exclusive interviews
~ Pet project sponsorship
~ Special appearance in human trafficking conferences, campaigns and seminars around Nigeria
~ Face of Offy-World kick out human trafficking
~ ...And lots more!

Contact Info

Mobile: 07061687473 (For Registration, Sponsorship, Partnership and Enquiries)

Follow OFFY_WKOHT official page

Facebook: Offy_world kick out human trafficking
Instagram: Offy_worldKOHumanTrafficking

About the Author

Miss Offy


Cross River State, N...



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