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Odinnga The Warrior

Odinnga The Warrior

............................THE NOMADIC

A warrior was born in Oklahoma community which was under Alobhama city being one of the oldest and most ancient of cities in the Animal Kingdom where king - Zangga - had been king for the past 3 decades. Oklahoma is in the midst of other minority communities like Ozinkoko, Onaja, Ukamu, Kalaru, Bendiga, Ohaloluppor, Wahiras, Dantaka and Quamalumpua.

Odinnga, being an indigene of Oklahoma community has protected as well as prevented his community from being attacked. Even communities that were not in good talking terms with Oklahoma were made to do so because Odinnga could go after them since his duty is to bring all the minority Kingdoms in the surrounding under his watch as Chief Warrior. This approach brought some relative peace as well as mutual relationship amongst the once ancient war zone. Odinnga the warrior has sacrificed so much which brought together individual interest leading to inter-marriages.

Odinnga's uncle - High Chief Jango, who is among king Zangga's Cabinet was very pleased with the way Odinnga, his late brother's son had grown over the years.

Odinnga the warrior was a fierce warrior in the ancient animals kingdom whose name went on rampage after the defeat of the last community being the most strongest and troublesome animal community in the history of the region.

The Alobhama Gathering

It was a conglomerate season, a season where praises were to be allotted. A time were names were mentioned, a period of thrones creation in the palace of king Zangga.

King Zangga had gathered all his kings men in all the communities according to customs and traditions of their land to thank them and to put up positive plans that could sustain the peace they now have in their land.

High chief Jango could not attend such a glorious conglomerate without showcasing his brother's son - the mountain behind Jerusalem that has brought the lasting peace they now enjoyed before the highest council of elders of the land.

"Aaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've heard that name before now, so you are the Chief Warrior that has single-handedly fought and destroyed all trouble makers in Oklahoma and its environs?" - This shock and exclamation from king Zangga came as a result of the unveiling of Odingga The Warrior to the council of elders of Alobhama the headquarter of the Animals' Kingdom.

King Zangga quickly ordered the crowning of warrior Odinnga as the overall warrior both in his kingdom and the region at large.

The Coronation of Odinnga

The coronation was huge and mighty as all the warriors and high chiefs of the entire kindred of Alobhama were present.

Three decades after the installment of Odinnga The Warrior as the overall warrior in the land, there was relative peace and stability. Fighting each other became historic because Odinnga had successfully destroyed the war pessimist of Alobhama who have being inciting and propelling fighting amongst communities that make up the Ancient Alobhama City.

Odinnga became angry after four Decades of relative peace since nobody had ever payed him homage just to appreciate his work so far. He had decided to express his anger in the upcoming council of elders. Odinnga recounted how not even a maiden has given him a calabash of water let alone given for marriage.

Two days later, the King decided to invite Odinnga to his presence. He quickly informed Odinnga's Uncle - High Chief Jango to fetch the Chief Warrior to his presence. Odinnga was informed but such invite couldn't reduce the hostility in his heart.

Oddinga in the King's Palace

One of the King's cabinet chief beckoned on Odinnga to tell them the source of his power and ability to have quenched the burning war flame of the kingdom. This question triggered Odinnga's anger as he stood up from his seat with an unsheathed weapon but king Zangga in his wisdom quickly ordered the drummers to drum some praises tune for Odinnga.

The angry and fierce face of Odinnga was filled with great smiles as king Zangga chanted a popular accolade song praising him for having done well.

Moral of the Story


STOP complaining or asking too many questions and start appreciating the little you have seen and see what God will do next.

Oooooooooooooh .......yessssssssss

Sometimes we need just little appreciation from those we serve or those that benefit from those little things we do in order for us to do more instead, they secretly want to know if really you are the one behind those creative thing you do and how you are able to do those things.

Commenting on an article at least motivates the writer. Thanks to HeXgear for sheathing my anger with that first comments ever.

I was about to vent at other subscribers/profile owners in my next Article for viewing/Reading without appreciating with just a single line of comment which could bust the morale of the writer before coming across this question - "If I'm really the brain behind what I post on NAIBAC SITE".




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