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The Beautiful Crab On The Sea Shore

The Beautiful Crab On The Sea Shore

*A crab was once running on the sea shore and was admiring its beautiful footprints*
*Suddenly a huge wave splashed and washed away the footprints.*
*The crab out of surprise shouted at the top of her voice to the wave,*
*"I considered you to be one of my best friends, so what made you do this?"*
*The wave replied - "A fisherman was following your footprints, that's why I cleared it off"*

Are You There?

Sometimes you sit down and take a look at the situation of your life. You did a personal assessment on your journey into life, to see where you were coming from, where you stand right now and which direction you are heading in life. Then you feel depressed with the result you get. You feel bad because you are not where you really wanna be in life. You feel sad because you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working for you.

You get depressed because you're not who you used be and not where you used to be. You break down emotionally when all efforts to make it in life seems like an impossible dream that won't come to pass. When all the efforts and struggles are bringing no positive Result. You think maybe its not in your destiny to be successful in life.

The situation of your life gives you sleepless nights and you are crying bitterly while no one is watching. When age is greater than achievement the soul become so depressed.

Ooooooooh ..... Nooo

It becomes more painful when you realized you are in this situation alone. When no one understands you. It's a painful feelings when there's no shoulder to lean on during our trials. It becomes more depressing when you are being rejected by the people you love. When you're been constantly criticized by your spouse, parents, family and friends. Those who don't know what you're going through are now condemning and blaming you why you failed.

Those who promised never to leave you come rain or shine are the first to leave and those who used to laugh with you are now laughing at you. You begin to loose confidence and faith in yourself and thinking very low of yourself. You start thinking maybe you are good for nothing and have nothing to offer. You begin to doubt if you are someone worthy of being loved or to be in love. You begin to withdraw from everything and everybody and start loosing interest in life.


.............TAKE A DEEP BREATH

I'm not here to make you feel sad neither did I come here to praise your stupid analysis. Why wasting time calculating errors of life when you are healthy and beautiful? You were brought into this world naked, are you still naked? You came into the world as infant so are you still an infant?

Everybody in life is fighting a war. Some problems are visible while some cannot be seen. If all problems of life were made visible to the eyes, Some people will steal your problems and run away with it, because their problems are bigger but they still manage to laugh. GOD never promised days without nights. We all have our odd moments in life even the rich. There's no single soul who got it 100% all through his/her journey of life. The holy prophets are the closest creatures to GOD but despite the closeness they still pass through the inevitable trials of life.

Never allow your situation to take over your life. Your situation does not reduce your value or makes you a lesser human being. Your situation is not your destiny, Its just a temporary stage of life that everyone will pass. You are never alone in your journey of life. GOD is with you at every point in time. You did not came into existence after birth. You have been existing ever before you were born. GOD was with you inside your mothers womb and HE never leaves you alone. He has finished HIS plans in your life ever before you were born and start making your own plans.

Pray to GOD and put your hopes in HIM. Destiny may not favor everybody but the grace of GOD surely covers everyone of us. Never give up on yourself... always tell yourself ;;You'll make it in life;.

NB: If you need someone to talk to Just look up.


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6:41pm, Wed 22nd March, 2017

Nice one, very inspiring and reassuring, especially for those who feel their life no longer has purpose, direction or progress.


10:17pm, Wed 22nd March, 2017



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