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What Christianity Is Not

What Christianity Is Not

Some time ago, someone sent me an audio message via whatsapp, in the course of listening to the message, I became enraged in my spirit because of the message. The message was not thought-provoking neither was it informing, rather it was a blatant display of ignorance, and a very wrong proposal to Christians.

The conveyor of the message was asking Christians to take up arms, and respond to the various assaults on them. He called on Christians to harm the Muslims, and by so doing, there will be peace. He said that true Christianity is synonymous to that of the Jews there by should resemble it in the aggressiveness towards our enemies.

Although he was right in his analogies of what Christianity represents, however, he was blind to the underlying truth in those analogies.

Yes, Christians are spiritual Jews, and we are meant to fight our enemies, but these enemies are not physical enemies, rather they are principalities and powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places. The scripture clearly stated it - "we wrestle not against FLESH and BLOOD".

So, our act of aggression should not be focused on the physical level, rather we should enforce our victories spiritually by engaging in unending prayers for the establishment and fulfillment of the will of God among men.

On another issue of retaliative aggression he suggested, that Christianity is an "eye for an eye" religion, is obviously from the pit of hell! How can someone who claims to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ encourage people to retaliate for any evil against them. Everything the man said was WRONG!!! He was advocating for hate, he was sowing the seed of hate in people.

Personally, from the study of the WORD of God, I discovered that Jesus advised us to always Pray for our enemies. In another instance, He said that if someone slaps us on one cheek, we should turn the other for him, He further told us that if someone demands for our coat, we should also release the under coat for him and if someone wants us to go a mile with them, we should go an extra mile with them.

These examples clearly show the mind of Christ concerning Christians facing any form of persecution. The seen persecutor is not our target, rather the unseen manipulating principalities, powers and wickedness in high places. These are forces we should contend with in the spiritual battles.

The truth is that once we are able to enforce our victory in the spiritual realm, we will have full liberty in the physical. The reason why many fall into the ignorance of hate is because they have not learned to appropriate their victory in the spiritual that is why they fight aimlessly against irrelevant physical issues.

A wise man hears the WORD and applies it. Read your scriptures and discern the right from the wrong.

# Please note: the message was not from any man of God, it was a random message from someone who has a political interest.


About the Author

Martins Uzoechi


Lagos State, Nigeria



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