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#BBNaija: Kemen Out, Debbie Rise Should Go Too

#BBNaija: Kemen Out, Debbie Rise Should Go Too

Ekemini Ekerette, known in Big Brother Naija's house as Kemen has been disqualified and sent packing from Big Brother's house. Kemen, was disqualified after he was caught on camera on Saturday night touching fellow housemate, Tboss while she was asleep.

Kemen has been trying to get close (romantically of course) to Tboss but his advances had been turn off several times in the past. So the "sharp guy" waited for all housemates to fall asleep, and then started groping Tboss who was also asleep.

Some few minutes after the host of the show, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu announced Kemen's disqualification; Nigerians took to twitter to register their displeasure with the organisers of the show. Why? Because Debbie Rise did something similar some days back and her actions were not penalized!

Debbie Rise kissed Bassey in his sleep even though he rebuffed her when he was awake exactly like Tboss had done to Kemen. So if the organizers want to take a very strong stance against sexual assault, it shouldn't just be Kemen, What's Debbie Rise still doing in the house?

Every individual should understand that the lack of consent in sexual matters is tantamount to rape. That's all. So when Kemen was sent off, Debbie Rise should have received the same punishment. If Bassey had refused to kiss Debbie Rise when he was awake, she should not have kissed him when he slept. And she did receive a warning from Big Brother for that. She should have been disqualified as well.

I understand the Bassey-Debbie Rise incident happened a full week ago and there were no call for Debbie Rise's disqualification at that time, but leaving Debbie in the house would affirm the stereotype that sexual assault by females is okay.

If Big Brother wants to be fair, let him recall Kemen, or disqualify Debbie Rise. I rest my Case!


About the Author

Aladejana Deji


Ekiti State, Nigeria




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10:57am, Tue 7th March, 2017

Very good argument in support of the stereotype that sexual assault by females is okay, or at the very least not treated as seriously as the reverse case.


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