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I remembered laughing when we were asked about goals and I said, "of course I do have goals and they are right inside my head". Then I was asked to write them out and I struggled without success. That was when I realized I didn't have any. For all I had were just mere unfocused aspirations. Right there, I wrote my 1st set of goals. And for the next 12 months, I was guided to take the first steps. The experience transformed my life.

After my engagement with LEAP, I decided that my personal change project would be to teach young people how to look inwards, set simple goals and take the required actions. Combined with that, I also teach financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

I currently work as the Executive Officer (NASME Lagos) Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprise Lagos chapter. Before this role, I was the Community/Project Manager Nigeria Microsoft Biz4Afrika Portal project. I was also part of the award-winning team of as the Project/ Public Affairs Manager. I successfully pioneered, designed, and managed the 1st ZODML library for inmates at Ikoyi Correctional Center (Prisons) in 2014.

Every year, a large number of Nigerian youths move from secondary schools into colleges, universities, polytechnics and finally the workplace without receiving practical instructions/ training on life management, money management or strategy for positioning. It's almost as if the people who set the educational content of our schools and universities are neglectful of the importance of self-awareness to achieving success. And of course, if you've never had a clear understanding of the secrets of success; to be the best YOU there can be or about setting clear goals, you will have no idea of how important they are to everything you do.

Although I discovered these simple steps much later on, I believe there is hope for Nigeria. How I wish I had met LEAP much earlier, I would have discovered myself much earlier and life would have been much more fun.

This is the reason I can proudly say that #LEAPISPARTOFMYSTORY

About the Author

David O Aiyeola

Education Consultant

Lagos State, Nigeria



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