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Why Are So Many Women Developing Breast Cancer, Fybroids, Etc?

Why Are So Many Women Developing Breast Cancer, Fybroids, Etc?

This is something, a question and a major concern that every single woman in the world should be more than concerned about, and the question is WHY are so many women being diagnosed with breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, fibroid tumors, vaginal infection? Why are they having so many miscarriages and suffering from excessive bleeding in certain cases? Why are woman dying from what is called (TSS) Toxic Shock Syndrome? These all too frequent occurrences are most disturbing and alarming!

I myself have a daughter who is in that period of her life where she is using feminine specific products, including feminine sanitary napkins. After watching a video recently relating to a new technology I felt compelled to align with this company and the movement to bring awareness to the dangerous chemicals that our women are being exposed to while just trying to live and take good care of themselves. Go here watch the video and make your decision to get involved anyway that resonates with you, as a customer or as a distributor you can help get the word out. "Now We NO"

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