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How To Make Your Sex Life Much Better - Part 1

How To Make Your Sex Life Much Better - Part 1

Gone are the days when people have sex simply to procreate i.e. give birth to offspring. It got me wondering, how will their sex life look like? It would sure be disgusting! If one round is enough to get your wife pregnant, that's all she gets for about a year or more, till there's the need to have more children. Come on! What will happen to her sexual urge? I guess she'd just keep it to herself (suffer in silence) or masturbate (if there's something like that then).

Well am not here to discuss how boring the sex life of the early earth dwellers would be, it's kinda not my business. We are in a "civilized" era. Sex is no longer for procreation alone, people now have sex for the fun in it! Yay!

Jokes apart, let's get serious before we run out of space for characters. I decided to create this stream of posts that would be an avenue for us to reflect and exchange ideas on topics related to how you can make your sex life much better than it is. Here, we would discuss and expect you, our esteemed readers to also share your opinions on subject matter in the comment section; me self wan learn from you.

For starters, let's discuss the relationship between sex and music. Should you listen to music while having sex or not? How does listening to music during sex affect your sex life? Chill; continue reading and you'd find out all of it.

Before mobile phones, and other devices/gadgets that allow you to play music became so popular and affordable, people won't bother about playing music when its time to get nasty. Imagine having to struggle with a record player because you need to play some music before the real action starts. If the player wastes your precious time (which you probably don't have much of it) you just throw it somewhere and get to work! You'd prefer to screw it in silence than having to wait all day for your fidgeting record player to do normal.

But thankfully, things have gotten better generally. You could pick up your phone or any of the available gadgets and in seconds the music is blaring. More conveniently, you can take a short trip to Spotify or iTunes press the play button, and boom the music is live!

I understand a lot of couples listen to music during sex for a lot of varying reasons, but music is an important accessory in the "other room". Listening to the perfect playlist while getting down with bae would increase all physical sensations and emotional undertones.

I spoke to a few people in a bid to gather their opinions before putting this piece together, and sincerely, most of them thought listening to music during sex is weird, some said they usually don't stomached the thought of playing music while having sex. However, some mentioned that they sometimes think of spicing up the other room with music but things happen too fast and that's all. Yes, that reminds me, there was one person who confessed that he usually plays songs so his neighbors won't hear his bae moan when things gets nasty.

If you're one of those who would not consider playing music while having sex, I'll advise you switch to the other side; you really should listen to music while having sex. Listening to music while having sex offer several psychological benefits including giving you the required tools to be on top of your game in the bedroom. You still doubt it? Don't worry, just read on. I have compiled some convincing reasons here.

Some researchers from McGill University submitted that music prompt the release of dopamine (which is actually a "feel good" chemical) in our brain that are usually released when we eat, sleep and of course, when we have sex. So imagine, if you are listening to music while having sex, your body release dopamine in two folds, can anything be more stimulating than that?

Another study from the same university also revealed that there is an increase in our signs of arousal which includes heart rate, breathing rate and skin conductance when we listen to some certain categories of music.

Researchers have also proven that listening to music helps narrow our attention to the physical task at hand. This means music is capable of distracting us from any sensation of discomfort that may be resultant from fatigue during exercise, sex is an exercise isn't it?

Sex can be as exhausting as working out. A great sex session pushes you to your physical limits leaving you tired and sweating profusely. And since we've proved that listening to music during sex is same as listening to music while working out, I think it's safe if you make music one of the essential factors before you start the bedroom action.

Don't give fatigue and other circumstances that can limit your full potentials in bed a chance to get at you. Try music and feel its captivating effect. It doesn't necessarily have to be your favourite track, it can be any!

And please, remember to come and gist us about your experience here, or if you've tried it in the past, let's hear your experience.


About the Author

Aladejana Deji


Ekiti State, Nigeria




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