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Face of Lagos

Face of Lagos

The beautiful ladies of Lasgidi will soon be putting their best foot forward to become the first to polish the Face of Lagos crown.

Reel Production Global and the Lagos State Council for Art and Culture are preparing the launch of the inaugural edition of the beauty pageant that aims to educate the youth on the realities of migration to Nigeria's most populous city.

"The primary aim of Face of Lagos Beauty Pageant is the re-orientation of the youth (sic) and the young community in Lagos using the embodiment of a lady as her ambassador," a statement by the pageant's organizers read.

Young ladies between the ages of 18 and 26 are eligible to enter the pageant.

The organizers said the winner of the pageant will work closely with various organs of state to address the pitfalls many young Nigerians face when migrating to Africa's largest city.

The latest reports estimate the size of Lagos' population at 21 million and organizers said many female youths turn to prostitution and premature marriages to support themselves.

Reel Production Global (the organizers) are currently soliciting organizations and individuals for sponsorship for the event.

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