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Why Youths? - The Government We Desire in Nigeria

Why Youths? - The Government We Desire in Nigeria

There are quite a number of NGOs and programs that are rising and demanding for Youths to partake and rule in Nigerian politics. Among are Campaign for Youth Governance (CYG), Youth Alive, MDYC (Movement for Development of Youths & Children) and others.

Some of these bodies have took to the Streets and Medias in protest condemning the Governments in power calling them "old bunch" and seeking they hand over to youths. All of these bodies centralizes on empowering youths and giving them responsibilities, but failed to think of developing and preparing the youths for the task.

It is sad enough that some of the so called "old bunch" in Governments today were then youths when they took over power and their keen interest to make a change have turn into greed and obsession with power today.

A YALI Member - Adepeju Jayeoba - took to a Facebook group in shedding light on youth empowerment in politics. She said:

"I've previously talked about giving youths responsibilities, but today let's talk about youths who have had responsibilities on the continent and failed us. Let's talk about President Yayah Jammeh of Gambia. On a continent that has had 30 year old Anthony Enahornnnno set the motion for Nigeria's independence and a region that has had two incumbent presidents, President Jonathan of Nigeria and President Mahama of Ghana handover peacefully after losing elections, it is clearly unfortunate to have a Yayah Jammeh who took over power at the age of 29 cling on to it for more than 22 years.
Let me restate that Jammeh was 29 years old and a youth when he first started ruling The Gambia she added."


Jammeh at 29 took over power in a military coup 22 years ago led by him and his band brothers: Lt. S.B. Sabally, Lt. Sadibou Hydara; and Lt. Edward Singateh who were in their 20’s (vibrant youths) as at then.

When interviewed by Rodney D. Sieh - what were his intentions and agenda for the Gambians after his victory overthrowing the country's first leader; serving first as Prime Minister and then as President from 1970 to 1994, Sir Dawda Kairaba, these were part of his agenda:

He pledge to encourage multiparty democracy, the rule of law and rid the country of corruption.
He added that he and his group had no intention of introducing a dictatorship because Gambians were nurtured with democracy and that the mantra was necessary to appeal to the international community which were somewhat content with Sir Dawda.

When pressed about how soon he hoped to return the country to democratic rule, he declared: "As soon as new Government is instituted, which would be composed of mostly civilians, democracy would be in place"

Just as he declared, Jammeh incorporated his Government with a lot of civilians, but soon enough, the flames of greed in power consumed him.

The fact was, his words were good enough and his initial action after taken over power proved so, until he got trapped in power and eating his words.


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Okunola A. Olanrewaju
Apostle of Humanism

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