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Signs That Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumb

Signs That Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumb

A smartphone is a decidedly must-have thing in our life, it is like a status symbol that needs to be displayed vainly. While our phones keep getting smarter with technological advancements, we are however, losing our smartness because of our excessive dependence on it.

Your Communication Skills have Deadened

Yes, that is 100% true. When was the last time you actually remember having a normal conversation with someone? This got you thinking right? We are not only hinged to our phone because we want to know the direction of a family friend's house but also we need it to ease awkwardness. You have forgotten the age-old art of communication.

You have No Clue as to What is Happening Around You

This is a classic symptom of smartphone ailment. Your device incarcerates your attention, making you completely oblivious about things that are going around. Your conscious mind is so vanquished by your phone that you wittingly or unwittingly avoid other people's presence.

You Can't Remember Your Mom's Number

Agreed that your smarty device can save thousands of contacts, but we reckon it behooves you to memorize phone numbers at least of your closed ones. Most of us totally forget that even something smart as the smartphone can feel out of sorts, and if it does, you lose all your contacts. Imagine being stuck in an elevator because of power outage and not being able to recall anyone's phone number, not even your mom's. Sad.

You Have Become Bad at Spellings

If there's one skill that has taken a major plummet since smartphones, it is our linguistic ability. It is plain gnawing to see those half-eaten words on your phone screen, it almost took me two days to figure this "symptoms tyms I dnt knw wt he mnz". By virtue of auto correct, things have become really easy, but in turn, have made you more dumb.

You Can't Sleep Peacefully

Having it near you is most likely to disrupt your deeper phase of sleep that is concerned with body repairing. And what about the nagging itch to check your email or Facebook notification? Sleep deprivation redounds in a bad way on our health, and we are sure you can endure an 8-hour parting from your precious phone.



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