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How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

Like most men, I love sex. I'm not so crazy about it, but at least I can stay without it for a year (it depends).

But having sex can be a bitter experience for you and your partner if you are a two minute man. No matter how handsome, sexy, wealthy you both are, or enjoy in a relationship, there will always be something lacking between you two, if you don't satisfy her sexually.

It has happened to me and a lot of men I have come across. The funny thing is, when you do your research on the internet, or come across the so called health practitioners, what they usually refer you to, is a drug or pill or supplements.

I have had horrible experiences pertaining to this issue with several girls, even with those I seriously loved and vice versa.

So I started my research online and started experimenting.

If you are into any drugs like; Viagra, Tramadol, mixing of a particular kind of alcohol to get the desired erection and last longer, you are only killing yourself. This solution might last for sometime, but the adverse effect are so much that depending on how you use them, your boy might just go dumb when you get to an advance age at a time you should be enjoying sex. Plus these drugs are not good for your heart, a lot of them make your heart beat abnormally without any corresponding physical activity, you might just suffer a heart attack.

To much sugar has never helped anybody during sex, rather, it is one of commodity that can kill your sex drive before it has even started.

Herbal tea, agbo, and concoctions have been said to cure everything. From those prepared specially to those sold on our streets, they are nothing but junk.

Remember I'm speaking from experience, I'm not a Doctor. You can either take my word for it or leave it.

The key to solving erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, has always been:

1. Reducing the sugar level in your body
2. Exercising to burn excessive calories (serious sweating)
3. Kegel exercises( the ones that are done from your waist or pelvic region to your toes.
4. Eating fruits and vegetables, even if you have to mix them with regular foods.

There is a reason why a pot bellied man cannot out perform a man with six packs.

For those exercises you will have to be doing them everyday, mostly morning before you head out for the day. You can last as much as 2 hours for 2 rounds, if you follow my program. My program doesn't come free though, you will have to private message me.


About the Author

Martins Uzoechi


Lagos State, Nigeria



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7:02pm, Wed 1st February, 2017

All the minute-men in the house please take note! 😏 But bros... 2 hours per round... wow! 😲


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