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Picking The Right Leaders

Picking The Right Leaders

As citizens of this great country (Nigeria), growing up with the spate of inconsistent policies and abandoning of projects have always been the bane, mitigating our national development.

Nigeria as we see it has an avalanche of politicians who as most of us can see, will always follow the thread put up by their predecessors. From corruption, to white elephant projects, to abandoned projects etc. We don't fall short in any of these categories. But let's look at other categories like; power, GDP, PPP.

We can see that, not only are we at the bottom in the leagues of nations, we tend to over-blow our modest achievement and say we are the giant of Africa.

Countless times we have been ruled by refined military men who are so obsessed with power, that intoxicate them. But we fail all the time to understand the fundamentals of leadership. For a man to be a president of a country, courtesy allows him to be a very educated, exposed, learned and courageous person. Someone who can think outside the box, and come up with a lasting solution to problems, not sugarcoat it.

I do not intend to denigrate anybody, but, can we ask ourselves honestly, what Buhari was doing with his political career when he left office to go back to his farm in Duala, Kastina State. Are we saying part of his agenda was to rule Nigeria again at the time being a cattle rearer? So one can deduce that he gained more experience studying animals instead of gaining more experience working with other people of the world through different organisations. So that he can be better prepared to rule us in 2015.

I will not delve into the issue of his certificate, but if he is a refined learner, Buhari would seek to improve himself after leaving office the first time. But instead he choose the humble nature of rearing cows. This is not a way to pick our leaders, in fact, it is an insult to the millions of proven scholars and technocrats in this country.

I'm not surprised we are in the worst economic situation this country has ever faced under him. In picking leaders, we should know they have a track record. Look at Obama and Donald Trump, these leaders have so much to offer because they never left the limelight. They are always improving themselves. We should try to learn from our betters in picking our leaders.

About the Author

Martins Uzoechi


Lagos State, Nigeria



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Osaro Osula Art

11:56am, Tue 31st January, 2017

The present day Nigerian politicians are mostly bunch of uncreative people, they use hungry villagers to win votes, spread weapons around so the enlightened ones like me and you would not come out to vote, at the end of the day recover their expense and profits from the federal treasury, I am ashamed of our father's generation.

Its a disgrace Nigerian children never have a political icon at heart, they rather wish to be a future Wiz kid instead, that is the power of legacy, hard work and creativity


5:17pm, Mon 30th January, 2017

Coincidentally I just listened to one of Ben Murray-Bruce's common sense monologues and he was talking about how most of our budget is used to pay Nigerian politicians their exorbitant salaries rather than on projects and infrastructure for national development.

He also pointed out (with facts and figures) how salaries of Nigerian politicians rank among the highest in the world. That New York politicians don't earn up to 50% of what Nigerian politicians do. And NY is the economic hub of the world!

You're right about how Nigerians view projects like road construction/rehabilitation as a big deal whereas those should be the basic requirements of any Government.

You also made a good point about President Buhari. Unfortunately the percentage of Nigerians that understand where you're coming from is not enough to cast a deciding vote. In fact, Nigeria hasn't yet gotten to the stage where the majority casts their vote for a candidate on the belief that said candidate is the best suited for the job. Unfortunately, right now party affiliations, sentiments, ethnicity, even bribery etc all play a much larger role.

Use the recent American election as an example. There was a big percentage of independent voters and even right-wing voters that swung left because they felt Hilary was better suited for the job. Such an act would be impossible in Nigeria, where most citizens vote out of loyalty to a political party, even if they know their candidate is not fit for the job.

Martins Uzoechi

12:20pm, Tue 31st January, 2017

Very true sir


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