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How to Buy And Sell Art For Profits

How to Buy And Sell Art For Profits

Decorative Art

Known as "furnishing pictures", and is often used for decorating purposes. This classification of art is generally thematic. Little intrinsic value exists in decorative art, an original decorative art is rarely painted by a "listed" artist. But distinctive decorative art can be expensive, especially if it's antique. Decorative art will not increase in value. Therefore, it is not a wise investment choice, but very considerate to Art Dealers selling at the highest price in the shortest amount of time (Art Prints). There is always a demand for decorations.

Art Prints (Print On Demand), Posters and Wallpapers are very good examples of Decorative Art, but limited edition Art Prints are distinctive decorative art, particularly if it's by a listed Artist.

Collectible Art

A collectible or collectible Art (aka collector's art) is any art regarded as being of value or interest to a collector (not necessarily monetarily valuable or antique). All kind of Arts are collectibles.

Collectible Art suggests that someone else also collects the same artworks. Therefore, a market already exists for your painting. Collectible art can either be signed or unsigned, "listed" or "unlisted" (recorded in auction price guides). But generally it is of modest quality.

The only difference between the Collector and Dealer, is the necessary monetary value in the case of dealing.

Investment Art

Will always increase in value. High caliber, well-listed artists generally create investment quality paintings. Sought by collectors, investors, and dealers, investment art appeals to buyers beyond the state or local region, meeting national and international demand. Connoisseurs, experts, and art historians determine the quality standards for investment art. Therefore, if you own investment art, it can easily be sold for a profit. If investment art is ever lost, the finder essentially holds a bearer instrument - the equivalent of cash. A metropolitan radio station once reported a Picasso artwork was lost - accidentally left on a New York City subway. Can you imagine? The radio station asked the finder of the artwork to call the police. Leaving a painting by Picasso on a Train is like leaving a bag with a million dollars cash in it on a park bench. Forget it!

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