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3 Ultimate Guides To Review Your Blog / Website Professionally

3 Ultimate Guides To Review Your Blog / Website Professionally

Most websites / blogs interface are based on what their owner likes, what is commonly used or what they believe their users should like. No matter how hard a webmaster or blogger tries to give the best User Interface and User Experience to it's users, there is always a point which the UI or UX is lagging behind.

Majorly, there are three things to consider while creating a website front-end design and if those things are approached well, your users should have the best User experience.

1. Responsibility

This simply means how your website / blog front end design behaves on different device, screen, etc. If your website or blog automatically adjust itself so as to fit the user's device, its considered to be responsive. If yours is not, trying laying your hands on Twitter Bootstrap.

2. Size / Requests

The size of your website or blog is determined by how many requests it made. Requests a website can make includes loading external js, CSS, images, etc. If your website is making request, it simply means before your website can load correctly, it needs to utilize files from an external server and hereby increasing the page size and load time.

3. Content is king

This is pretty much self-explanatory.



Before you can decide to make a website or blog public regardless of its content, you must make sure it is Responsive. In this century, mobile are taking over desktop browser and to keep yourself in the game, you've got to make your website or blog responsive.

To check for a website or blog responsibility status, you can easily use your Desktop chrome browser. Navigate to the site then right click and select Inspect Element option. You can then proceed by dragging the console either to the left or to the right meanwhile you should take note of the width appearing on the top left hand side of the console.

Checking URL with Responsinator
Alternatively, if you don't want to go through that stress, go to Responsinator and input your site URL and then sit back and watch the magic. Responsinator can show you how your site looks on about 16 device but compared to the Google Chrome method which you can check for any size.

Is your website responsive? If yes, proceed to step 2.


Analyze the URL to make sure its as lite as possible and that no unnecessary requests are made. There are thousand of online tool to check this, including pingdom, etc but I'll recommend GTMetrix because it provides full details, its free and its customizable (changing of area, browser, Adblock feature, etc).

Checking URL with GTMetrix
After analyzing with GTMetrix and the result have been displayed, the next thing is to start checking the error and their solutions online. (If you have issues, you can contact me too).


This is the more or less the most important step. No matter how responsive your URL might be, content is always the king. You might be asking yourself that how do I check my content, it's easier than you thought but takes time.

Have you heard about Criticue? It's a wonderful network where you get real people (bloggers or webmasters) to review your site but you have to review a site first so you get a point then someone can review you too. When you join this networks, fill up the necessary things and you might even decide to ask "How are my contents? How do I improve them?". You'll get honest reviews that can either break your heart or cheer you up. All reviews are manually approved by moderators of the network.

Setting up an account with Criticue
Note: It's not compulsory you use Criticue, if you know of any other network, you can use then and don't forget to share with us using the comment box. It'll be a pleasure learning from you too.


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