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@Microsoft Asks Customers to Drop #Windows7

@Microsoft Asks Customers to Drop #Windows7

The Windows 7 wind down has begun: on January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will lose all forms of support, including security updates that are crucial for a lot of customers. Microsoft is wasting no time in urging its enterprise customers to upgrade to Windows 10, noting that even today Windows 7 isn't able to keep up with the security features found in its latest operating system.

Some of those features include biometric login through Windows Hello. With that, users can log into their computers by scanning their fingerprint, face, or iris. Windows 7 doesn't have support for Windows Hello, instead relying on passwords, something that can lead to holes in security if employees are opting to use passwords that are easy to guess or - perhaps even worse - using the same password across multiple logins.

Other security features that Microsoft points to include Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which uses machine learning to allow businesses to respond to threats faster. Windows Information Protection and Windows Store for Business are also on that list, so to hear Microsoft explain it, Windows 10 offers a number of security improvements over its predecessor.

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