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My First HIV Test Experience

My First HIV Test Experience

I wrote this a couple of days ago, and decided to share it here. It's a bit long, but please read to the end. Funny stuff, and yet educating. Pick you pick, share your share, and get tested today!

I went to a General Hospital in my community to seek help for a challenge I've been facing with my skin for quite a while. I left my house as early as 7:30 AM, although I was planning on leaving for the hospital a bit earlier, but I overslept. My mom actually woke me up. She came to my room, and started yelling out loud, "Dami!!! Olorun iya!!! Ibi tio nipe ofe lo leni nko? (Dami!!! *Translation error!* What about the place (referring to the hospital) you said you were going today?).

*Nigerian Mums*

I jumped out from bed, into the bath tub, did my thing and left for the hospital.

So I got to the hospital, I applied for the normal hospital registration, and paid the fee. I was given a card and directed to a tent where we (myself and other patients) are to seat and wait to be called to submit the cards given to us at the Records Department. Not too long, this young man walked up to us from an office nearby and said that if we haven't done or have done the HIV test after the period of three months, we should follow him. Since I haven't done this test before, and have been anticipating on taking the test for months, I decided to pick up the offer.

I followed him to his office and he brought out a form. He collected a couple of details about me like my name, age, relationship status, if it was my first time taking the test, if I had cough, bla bla bla and bla... He filled it all in a form, and then took my blood sample.

I waited almost an hour for the result (I know y'all will say an hour is an exaggeration, but no it isn't. I truly waited for about an hour, reason because it's probably a General Hospital (Public) or because of the numbers of people that also took the HIV test too).

Well, fast forward to when my test result was available:
When it was my turn to receive my test result, I was called by this young man (or the doctor, whichever one you wish to call him) that took my blood sample, and he sat me down. The following conversation ensued:

"Hello Mr. David Damilola", he greeted. I smiled frantically with mixed feelings, somewhat.

He continued, "The HIV test result for your blood sample which was taken is now available, but before I tell you about the result, I'd like to talk to you about a couple of things".

I told him to go ahead, with a fake smile of course. Although, I was sure that I'm not carrying the virus.

He asked, "I believe you know how HIV is being contacted, don't you?" I nodded in agreement.

He commended with a twisted gesture, "That's very good Mr. David, I'm sure you already know this as you're probably a stude...". I interrupted, "Excuse me, I'm still a student!".

He then started asking me funny, and silly questions, like:

"Are you sexually active?"
Nooo!! He didn't ask it that way seff, he asked it like, "Have you ever had sex before?" I was like, "WTF!" (Of course, I didn't say that shit out loud)

I was lost in a trance of that unexpected question.

He continued, "When last did you have a sexual intercourse?"

"Was it protected, or unprotected?"

"Was it with your girl friend, or a friend?"

"How's she related to you?"

"Does she know her status?"

Bla Bla And Bla.... Sigh!

While he was asking me all these embarrassing questions, I wasn't really listening anymore because my attention was already on the test result he was holding and I was searching for the result of the test carried out.

He was still asking me more silly questions when my eyes met where he wrote "Non reactive". Immediately I saw this, I started smiling. I was just smiling and nodding affirmatively to whatever he was saying at that time. I didn't even care about what he was saying again, I just smiled, and grinned anyways.

He now concluded, "Abstinence is still the best way to avoid contacting HIV/AIDs, or making the use of contraceptives, that is, ORIGINAL LATEX Condoms."

He added, "You also have to be very careful and take very serious attention to things you share with other people. Things like your clipper, nail cutter, blade, needle, and so on..."

I was just nodding like an agama lizard as he continued to talk endlessly. This man didn't want to stop, and I didn't interrupt him this time, I allowed him have his moment and speak as his spirit led him.

He finally spoke about the test result, "So Mr. David, your result confirms that you're 'HIV Negative', and you don't carry the virus. You can come back in three months to recheck your HIV status."

He probably was expecting me to scream "Praise the Lord", or "Thank God" as he knew it was my first time taking this test. I was not surprise about the test result as there wasn't an ounce of enthusiasm in me to commend his time spent with me after his "absolutely long consultation". I already saw my test result even before he told me about it. I just smiled, collected my test result, and walked out of his office without a thank you or a good bye.

Know your status today. HIV/AIDs is real!!
#HIV #AIDs #HIVStatus #Positive #Negative
"It can be frightening at first, but if you take the steps to protect yourself, HIV can be managed and you can live a full, fulfilling life."
#KnowMyStatus #KnowYourStatus

#Damilosky David A. Damilola, January 10, 2017.

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