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6 Hybrid Tablets Expected This 2017

6 Hybrid Tablets Expected This 2017

Over the last couple years Apple, Dell, Huawei, and Samsung have all joined the hybrid tablet market with a range of devices that offer the flexibility of a tablet and the function of a laptop in one device. And now, as we eagerly await the next big flurry of products, here are six hybrid tablets we hope to see in 2017.

Apple iPad Pro 2

Everyone loves hypothesizing about the next Apple device. In fact, sometimes it feels like we're already looking to the next iOS device before the new one is even released. The iPad Pro is no exception, and rumors are flying about what we'll see from the next hybrid tablet from Apple possibly as soon as this spring.

Mac Rumors reports that Apple will release three iPad Pro models in 7.9-inch, 10.1-inch and 12.9-inch form factors. Sources also indicate that the display will see some changes, with Apple ditching the physical home button in favor of either a thinner bezel or no bezel at all. Mac Rumors also reports that, per Barclays Research, you can expect a more traditional tablet with a bezel, in the 7.9-inch and 12.9-inch models, but that the 10-inch design will include an edge-to-edge bezel-less display.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

The Surface Pro hybrid tablet has improved in functionality and performance every year, but the design has remained mostly the same. And, while the design certainly serves its purpose, it's starting to feel a little stale. We are hopeful that 2017 will finally bring us an updated Surface Pro 5.

When Microsoft unveiled the Surface Studio, Windows Creative Update and Surface Book i7 with Performance Base, it was suspiciously num on the Surface Pro. That suggests we're overdue for a Surface Pro update, and if the rumors are true, we might see one as early as the first quarter of 2017, reports DigiTimes. Rumors also point to a 4K-capable Ultra HD display and a new, rechargeable Surface Pen with a charging dock built into the device.

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